LS Retail whitepaper

    6 mistakes to avoid when selecting hotel management software

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    Discover what makes the difference between success and failure when selecting business technology for your hotels and resorts

    You’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your hotel management software.

    It’s a big step, but it is time. After all, you’re unable to distinguish your repeat guests from your newcomers, your property management system (PMS) doesn’t communicate with your POS system, you can’t integrate with online booking engines, and you feel like you have no visibility or control over your business. You know you need to do something about it.

    So what are the 6 mistakes to avoid when selecting hotel management software:

    1. Focusing on short-term goals instead of long-term strategy
    2. Having unclear business objectives
    3. Leaving the selection process to the IT department
    4. Believing you need different pieces of technology to manage different areas of your business
    5. Choosing technology that won’t scale with your business
    6. Selecting a complex solution that requires lengthy and costly staff training

    This whitepaper shares six common pitfalls that hotels face during the business software selection process, and how you can avoid them.