LS Retail whitepaper

    7 tips to successfully implement cloud ERP and management software

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    About to move to a cloud-based ERP and business management system?

    Smart decision!

    Cloud-based software has become so popular among businesses of all types for many valid reasons: it’s always automatically up to date (which means you can always use the latest functionality without ever having to go through an upgrade project again), and your ERP vendor, rather than your IT team, takes care of hosting the software and managing security, data backups, and updates. It’s also much safer than in-house software, and at a much lower price.

    Although you know that moving to the cloud is a smart step, you may have concerns about undertaking your first cloud-based ERP implementation.

    Here are seven key tips from cloud experts to ensure your project is successful:

    1. Get the executive team on board with clear goals and plans
    2. Create a strong project team
    3. Focus on low complexity
    4. Work on change management
    5. Train your people
    6. Test and re-test
    7. Adapt and improve

    This whitepaper opens up those seven key tips that help you to succeed with your ERP project.