LS Retail whitepaper

    7 Factors to consider when selecting a reservation software for your hotels and resorts

    Happy female hotel receptionist working with laptop

    A powerful reservation system is necessary for the success of your business,

    no matter if you run a boutique hotel, a large ski resort, a national chain of motels, a theme park, or full-service cruise ships.

    Yet, too many hospitality businesses still use separate, standalone solutions for their different functions. When room bookings are managed in one system, restaurants reservations are logged in another software, and spa bookings are written down on post-its, it can be difficult to maintain a clear view of guests and services – let alone offer guests a personalized, bespoke experience.

    Many businesses are now looking to replace their old systems with software that connects all parts of their business and supports their growth. When selecting a reservation software, look for these seven important functionalities to make sure you pick a solution that will effectively support your hospitality business.

    There are seven factors to consider as you are selecting reservation software for you hotels and resorts:

    1. Centralized view
    2. Visibility for employees on all devices
    3. Packages and bundles
    4. Personalized offers
    5. Streamlined management of staff and resources
    6. Robust reporting and insights
    7. Room to grow

    This whitepaper opens up those factors and helps you on your reservation software selection process.