LS Retail whitepaper

    How to select a POS and ERP system for your retail chain - 7 factors to look out for

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    Time to update ERP and POS systems?

    When the time comes to update their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point of sale (POS) systems, many retailers are cautious.

    Overhauling your IT is a big step, and an ERP and POS implementation impacts every aspect of the business. Get it wrong, and you could end up caught in a costly and time intensive exercise, landed with a system that doesn’t deliver all the functionality you need. But get it right, and you’ll have a solid backbone to your operations, which will support you as you grow and diversify your business, and which will ultimately help you thrive.

    As technology continues to reshape consumer retail experiences, when looking for a new ERP and POS system for your grocery and supermarket stores retailers must now think beyond the old, limited definition of “retail technology”. There are thousands of POS systems in the market, and all of them will enable you to do the basics – add items, import descriptions, create promotions, sell, and get end-of-day reports. But the basics are not enough anymore. The ideal software solution will help you deliver great customer experiences, optimize your products selection, easily add new services, and stay agile and ready for change.

    There are seven key criteria to consider as you evaluate the options in the market:

    1. Does it support seamless shopping experiences?
    2. Can you offer personalization?
    3. How strong are the stock management capabilities?
    4. Does it help you manage your employees?
    5. Does it deliver strong business intelligence and advanced analytics?
    6. Will it support changing business needs?
    7. Are you buying from a trustworthy vendor?

    This whitepaper opens up the criteria and helps you select the right POS and ERP system for your business’s present and future needs.