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    Webinar - Informatica x EcoVadis x Solteq

    Turning ESG Compliance into a Business Benefit

    ESG (Environmental, Social ja Governance) is a topic becoming more and more prevalent from a regulative point of view.

    The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will take effect in 2024 and all large publicly listed companies in Europe - including Nordic Retail and Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) companies - have to comply by January 2024.

    We joined forces with Informatica and EcoVadis and held a webinar around this topic.

    The webinar illuminates:

    • How to comply with the CSRD as a Nordic Company
    • How to turn the compliance burden into a business benefit
    • How to identify and mitigate ESG related risks in your supply chain
    • Which Data management capabilities are needed

    Webinar agenda


    Topic and speakers

    4 min

    rod-robles-348x348Welcome and introduction
    by Rod Robles (Informatica)

    2 min 30 sec

    levent-ergin-348x348Short introduction to the newest regulations
    by Levent Ergin (Informatica)

    9 min 30 sec

    janne-huovilainen-348x348ESG data as a business drive
    by Janne Huovilainen (Solteq)

    12 min

    martyna-wojciechowska-348x348How to identify and mitigate ESG related risks in your supply chain
    by Martyna Wojciechowska (ecovadis)

    11 min

    levent-ergin-348x348How compliance requirements are changing and what capabilities are needed to comply
    by Levent Ergin (Informatica)

    14 min

    Q&A with all speakers

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    Janne Huovilainen

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    Jani Lahtinen

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    Jani Lahtinen

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    Mikko Hirvonen

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