LS Central for Hotels

    Make your guests' visit more personal with LS Central for Hotels


    The guests are the very heart of your business. Therefore, it is the guests who are at the center of the hotel reservation system LS Central for Hotels


    We know that things have to go fast in the hotel industry. Therefore, no time-consuming training or onboarding is required when LS Central is implemented, and the system installation is adapted to your business needs.
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    Fast learning

    The intuitive user interface with several different user profiles means that your employees are on track after only one hour of training in the system.

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    One training for different roles

    With a single training, your employees can easily move between the reception and the bar and on to the excursion booking.

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    Anywhere, anytime

    You can get an overview of the entire operation - from available rooms, to cleaning and analytics, and provide service to your guests from any device.

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    Around the globe

    International business? No problem! LS Central for hotels is available in several languages and can handle different currencies, taxes and regulations.

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    Save money

    When everything is gathered in one and same platform, you can cut down on the number of suppliers, systems and integrations and thus lower your costs.

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    Implementation when it suits you

    The implementation of LS Central for hotels can be done in the cloud, on-premise or as hybrid solution to suit the needs of your business.

    Administration for your entire hotel business

    One solution – one platform. Get all the information you need about your business and your guests
    Hotel receptionist


    Manage guests, groups and corporate bookings. Get a real-time overview of booking status to maximize occupancy. Identify repeat guests and show them your appreciation with special offers and personalized touches. See the status of room cleaning and maintenance at the same time for faster service. All in the same system.

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    The system also gives you all the tools you need to be able to sell gift cards, goods at the reception, in a physical store or an online shop. You can manage goods, prices, campaigns, offers and stock balances in one and the same system.

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    Restaurants & Bars

    Get all the tools you need to manage restaurants, bars, catering and other food services. Take orders and send them directly to the kitchen. Create recipes, menus and meal offers centrally. Manage table service and room service and give your guests the prompt, attentive service they deserve.

    Conference room close up with chairs and tables

    Conferences & Events

    Put together conference packages with or without accommodation, food and other activities. You can also offer planning and rental of premises for weddings, fairs and other events, depending on what suits your premises.

    Spa towels and scents

    Spa & Fitness

    Let your guests book a spa package, spa treatment, massage or day and evening stays. If your hotel offers personal trainers, coaching and similar services, you can give guests the opportunity to book these directly at the hotel or via the website.

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    Plan, put together and offer different activity packages. Offer group training, team building, excursions, attractions, or rent out bicycles, canoes and ski equipment.

    Adapt the hotel booking system LS Central for Hotel to your business and scale up as needed.

    A hotel reservation system with role-based views

    Decide what information and features each user should have access to based on their role in the business. Speed up service and simplify access to the most relevant information. Everything gathered in one and the same system.

    LS Central for Hotels on a desktop screen

    Plan and coordinate the day-to-day operations of your hotels, from reservations, business development to special events.

    With LS Central for Hotels you can:

    • Plan staff lists based on current need
    • Follow up personnel costs, efficiency and attendance
    • Manage inventory, purchasing and suppliers
    • Create budgets, monthly and annual accounts
    • Follow up operations with Business Intelligence reports
    • Follow up booking statistics for specific periods and channels

    Monitor and manage your investments with reliable real-time information for the entire flow of your hotel.

    With our unified platform, you can:

    • Ensure accurate pricing for all guests and groups
    • Manage prices and restrictions
    • Increase business value with intelligent analysis tools
    • Manage supplementary transactions and complex invoicing
    • Manage no-shows and overbookings

    Increase the number of bookings and strengthen the exposure and turnover of your brand.

    Get more out of your marketing efforts with LS Central for Hotels:

    • Create advertising campaigns and offers that maximize profitability and customer satisfaction
    • Develop and market package offers with accommodation, restaurant visits and spa treatments
    • Follow up your promotions and offers
    • Manage points and loyalty programs
    • Attract repeat guests and give them personalized experiences
    • Get real-time customer insights
    • Manage customer relationships

    LS Central for Hotels ensures that the reception has access to all the necessary functions to give your guests the best experience:

    • Get a quick overview of the booking status with color coding
    • Attentive and welcome returning guests
    • Manage individual, group and corporate bookings
    • Add details and comments to reservations
    • See the status of housekeeping and maintenance in real time
    • Update bookings with dinners, treatments or other services
    • Split the payment into different invoices
    • Manage room changes, upsells and upgrades
    • Manage transactions by departure date
    • Accept payments without checking out

    LS Central for Hotels as used by Islands Blue Lagoon

    • Everything gathered in one and the same platform
    • In-depth industry functionality without having to change systems
    • All your information in a single database provides a total overview of your entire company and your guests
    • Recognize and draw attention to your guests
    • Reduce IT costs by reducing the number of suppliers, solutions and integration points
    • Use the system in the cloud, on your own servers or both

    LS Central for Hotels support person taking a support call


    One single system = one onboarding and one support

    Getting quick help when needed is important for the business. It must not stand still in a sensitive situation such as a booking procedure or a check-out. With many systems, it can be difficult to know where the error is and therefore know which support to contact. With LS Central for Hotels it becomes easy. Just contact support.

    One single support for the entire hotel booking system

    The advantage of LC Central for hotels is that it manages all parts of your business. It also means that you only need to talk to one and the same support department regardless of what help you need.

    • You don't need to know where the error is
    • No suppliers blaming the error on each other
    • Lower support costs

    You probably have many questions - we have the answers

    Choosing the right hotel reservation system for your hotel & resort, whether your business is small or large, can be an overwhelming experience. We are here to help you and answer your questions. Just contact us!

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