Enterprise Resource Planning

    We deliver ERP solutions that enhance your business efficiency

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    We deliver ERP solutions that enhance your business with more than thirty years of experience.

    Flexible solutions supporting business

    An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system serves as a hub for information flows relevant to business. It is the most central business information system, which brings together the core functions of a company, from production and warehousing to distribution, invoicing and accounting. A reliable, efficient and automated core solution can be flexibly built around various, relevant solutions that serve the business.

    We support changes in business

    The constantly evolving operating environment demands more from businesses’ core systems than ever before. Too often the growth and change in operations of are hindered by an incomplete, even malfunctioning or poorly scaled ERP system. With the right choices and taking into account the needs of today and the goals of tomorrow, it is possible to achieve stability and agility in a rapidly changing, digitalizing operating environment.

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    Create a seamless customer experience

    Solteq's state-of-the-art ERP solutions support your evolving business in a changing environment. We ensure the reliability of operations, efficient and transparent information transfer, and the foundation for both a good employee experience and the creation of a seamless customer experience.

    We take into account industry-specific needs

    The specific nature of different industries are taken into account in our ERP solutions and the related services. Our offering covers the needs of retail and wholesale; hotel, restaurant and service sectors; and manufacturing industry. We also offer alternative solutions to support existing technology choices and overall architecture.

    Our first project with Solteq was also the first IT project to stay on schedule and on budget.

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    Solteq's ERP systems allow you to:


    Make informed decisions through sales, sourcing, inventory, customer transactions, and combinations of these. By utilizing automated tasks and workflows you are able to improve efficiency.


    Provide a consistent user experience for your employees on any device and regardless of deployment; in the cloud or locally. Save your employees time by connecting multiple systems under one interface and reducing clicking and browsing between multiple windows.


    Streamline the sales process from quotation to invoicing. You are able to act quickly by serving customers in the sales interface, managing price lists, customer information, and terms of sales.


    Gain a comprehensive understanding of your inventory situation for accurate sourcing. Track the events and lifecycle of each product and predict the optimal time to replenish inventory by automatically creating purchase orders using sales forecasts and expected inventory depletions.


    Help your business meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with a solution that ensures privacy to the max. Grant and restrict access to personal information at different levels and monitor the use of information to ensure information security and responsible operations.

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