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    Solteq implements record number of customer service and invoicing system launches in utilities sector

    A total of 15 Solteq inWorks customer service and invoicing system launches were carried out for companies in the utilities sector in a little over six months. This unprecedented rate was made possible by the efficient process that has been created over many years, and by close cooperation with customer organizations. Solteq inWorks is used for the customer data management and invoicing of more than 60 companies in the utilities sector.

    The 15 new Solteq inWorks customer service and invoicing systems launched for production use during the end of 2020 and spring 2021 serve the end customers of major and active electricity sales, electricity distribution, district heating and water management companies in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. On average, systems were launched every other week, sometimes weekly.

    “Changing our customer service and invoicing system is a major undertaking for us because of our varied business processes. Setting the system goals and keeping to the schedule was possible thanks to the solid energy industry expertise of the people, good cooperation during the project, and the excellent project managers. We are extremely happy with the cooperation and the results.”
    Antti-Jussi Vahteala, Chief Executive Officer at Korpelan Voima

    Recipe for success

    • Teamwork makes dream work: The team consisted of experts from Solteq and the customer company. Even the customer organizations worked seamlessly together.
    • Prioritization: Performing tasks in order of importance.
    • Versatile Solteq Utilities team: The customer organizations have access to more than 130 utilities sector experts, ranging from software experts to consultants and data and analytics specialists.
    • Open communication: Seamless teamwork means transparent communication, getting down to solving any problems without delay.

    Solteq inWorks

    • A web-based, configurable and integrable customer service and invoicing system for electricity sales and distribution and district heating needs.
    • The system covers customer management processes, invoicing and the management of business data, such as customer, product, contract and metering data.