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Tuko Logistics enhanced information flow within ERP

Tuko Logistics is a grocery assortment-, purchasing-, and logistic service company, which serves and is owned by Wihuri, Suomen Lähikauppa, Stockmann and Heinon Tukku.

Tuko Logistics offers a selection of more than 25 000 products, that are distributed to about 1 000 retail stores and for 5 000 AFH customers. The company has a turnover of around 800 million euros and a staff of about 600 people.

Tuko Logistics has had SAP systems in place since 2010. Contribute to the SAP HCM2 project, the working hours, tasks and performance message numbers, transferred from other systems, increased significantly. “In the past, messages were dozens a day, now hundreds of thousands.”, Tuko Logistics, Development Manager, Mikko Aula, describes the change.

SAP’s PO solution delivered by Solteq can handle up to one million messages per hour

Tuko Logistics needed an integration solution that deals with large amounts of messages and can also response to changing integration needs in the future. The SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration (PO) was chosen as the solution. It can handle up to one million messages per hour and 10 000 of process instances at the same time.

With the PO solution, business processes can be automated and optimized beyond the application and organizational boundaries. The Java-based package consists of Process Integration (PI), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRM) solutions.

“SAP Integration Solutions have worked well in the past. In the new version improved control features and user-friendly instruments are now available.” Tuko Logistics application corresponding, Sari Andsten, explains the selection.

The change did not cause disruption to operational activities

For the solution provider, Tuko Logistics chose Solteq, that already had expertise in SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration solutions as well as experience from previous integration implementations with Tuko.

“Solteq has good knowledge of Tuko’s system environment and of the industry. Cooperation has always been smooth.”, says Mikko Aula.

Tieto and Solteq worked in close co-operation with the Basis-work and the old servers capacity was brought rapidly to a new use. Integration activities was not allowed to change in any way, nor was transfer allowed to cause harmful interference to operational activities at Tuko.

The project was divided into stages and commissioning of subscriptions of the various stages took place without production interruption. The new Process Orchestration and Process Integration operated in parallel during the project, so all subscriptions did not have to move at once.

Centralized messaging facilitates management of subscriptions

Solteq took special care of keeping the agreed schedules and if necessary slightly pressured too. Issues were reacted on promptly in testing and deployments, and they were treated very professionally

Sari Andsten

Application Corresponding

Tuko Logistics SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration works as message mediator from SAP to other applications, such as Flexim, Merx, Rondo, Basware, TAVA, DW- data warehouse and eMemo. Messages between the transport companies and MerxD runs also through the PO-solution.

“PO provides excellent tools for monitoring and analyzing processes. This effective system also requires less hardware capacity” Mikko Aula says.

The control of subscriptions has eased, when automatic alarms, failures in the transmission of messages come via email to Tuko’s application support and they contain a direct link to the message.”Centralized messaging facilitates the subscriptions management. Also the work timings will be easier to do yourself” says Sari Andsten.

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