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Search engine optimization returns investments 15-fold

Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY is involved in the challenging online gaming business. Nearly a quarter of the 500 million euros Finnish adults spend on online gaming every year trickles through to international gaming companies. RAY conducts business in a responsible manner and profits are used for promoting health and social welfare in Finland. This aspect should also be mirrored in RAY’s digital marketing. Solteq provides RAY with online optimization and analytics, bringing a 15-fold return on investment during the best months.

RAY’s online business has been growing rapidly, and its role will become even bigger in the future. In 2013, their online business increased 15%. Online visibility is a key to success for RAY, and success in search engines means more profitable business. “Solteq helps us with continuous optimization in order to make sure that our target groups find our services. Our goal is to expand our user base so that online gaming will be more evenly distributed among various groups. Responsible business is very important to us and that applies to online marketing as well,” says RAY’s eCommerce Manager Tomi Pyyhtiä.

Expand your skills and team

Pyyhtiä leads a team with six of RAY’s employees. This team is complemented by a four-member specialist team from Solteq. According to Pyyhtiä, RAY chose Solteq as a partner due to its attitude, preparedness, and undeniable expertise. “We expect good results from online marketing. We analyze, track, react, adjust, and stay on top of things all the time in order to get the best return on every cent we spend. Companies and organizations should set high expectations for their marketing, and follow through to make sure that they come true,” Pyyhtiä emphasizes.

Online analysis is an ongoing process: RAY’s main goal is to find new customers and gently motivate the existing ones. “We are constantly analyzing the scene to find new customers and expand our user base. This is where conversion optimization comes into the picture. It’s important to carry it out carefully. We can’t concentrate on conversion rate alone because it could lead to biased results, such as over-emphasizing a specific target group. Therefore, it’s important to cross-examine analytics data by analyzing various segments, customer quality, and usage frequency. Our team includes a game analyst, and we also pay attention to customer experiences,” Pyyhtiä says.

Results through analytics

With relevant data and business-based analytics, Solteq has helped RAY to reach as high as a 15-fold return on investment. According to RAY’s eCommerce Manager Tomi Pyyhtiä, the collaboration between RAY and Solteq is seamless. Solteq’s specialist often works in RAY’s premises. “This is teamwork, and everybody is on the same side. Our large team’s job is to develop RAY’s marketing and produce the best possible outcome for our beneficiaries – the Finnish people. For example, continuous SEO has given us a 15-fold return for our investment on a monthly scale. Solteq has harnessed the search engines to work for us in a cost-effective way, helping us to do profitable business online,” Pyyhtiä says.

Advantages for RAY:

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