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A flexible cloud solution

Integration as a complete service straight from the cloud

We implemented Moventas’s integration as an overall service, which covers their systems on a broad scale. It includes Moventas’s financial, ERP, data storage, and life cycle management systems, as well as customer and partner databases. The overall service was delivered straight from the cloud.

“Solteq’s integration expertise is in a class of its own. There aren’t many operators on their level in Finland,” says Moventas’s Chief Information Officer Markku Rytkönen.

A flexible complete service

We have worked with Moventas’s global systems since 2009. At first, Solteq was responsible for maintaining their EAI system. In 2013, the cooperation went a step further with EAI integration, which was offered to Moventas as a complete service straight from our cloud.

Our complete service guarantees that Moventas does not have to worry about things like licenses, maintenance, or platforms. We also manage and monitor the cloud-based systems.

A genuine cloud service

“I am extremely satisfied with the comprehensive service. We examined different kinds of operators, but none could rival Solteq. Cost-efficiency was one of the criteria, but more important than the price was that Solteq’s cloud service was clear, simple, and well productized. I knew what I was buying, without any unnecessary extras or hidden costs,” Rytkönen says.

Our overall service does not require major initial investments because it runs entirely on a monthly fee. It gives Moventas the freedom to concentrate on the right things. They no longer have to focus on details; only on communication.

“Solteq offered a genuine cloud service, not a project job that looked like one. The cloud service included all the necessary components, and the pricing was clear. We didn’t have to guess how much the integration would end up costing,” Rytkönen says.

Advantages for Moventas:

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