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We delivered a new user-friendly and continuously evolving eCommerce solution to LVI-Dahl

“HVAC professionals increasingly acquire their supplies from online stores that are open 24/7. LVI-Dahl’s store has to be easy and appealing for our customers to start using. It must be as user-friendly as possible,” says project manager Kirsi Granqvist of LVI-Dahl. Her company is an HVAC wholesaler with 28 sales points around Finland and a product range of over 21,000 items.

The project goal was challenging: the solution had to be integrated into the existing operating process at LVI-Dahl. The new, more developed online store had to retain the existing basic functions of the old one. It also had to be easy to maintain, flexible, and capable of future growth.

A number of LVI-Dahl’s key customers were involved in the development and adaptation of the new online store from the very start. Issues important for customers were highlighted: the ordering process had to be as simple as possible, and of course the system had to have reliable and up-to-date information on customer-specific product ranges and availability.

In the HVAC business, as in many others, the supplier’s ability to communicate is crucial. When changes are made to an online store and new versions are introduced, customer feedback is the key element.

“All in all, we have been pleased with the system itself and with the expert assistance given by Solteq. They make changes as we request them, so the system is constantly being customized to the LVI-Dahl environment,” Kirsi Granqvist explains.

Advantages for LVI-Dahl:

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