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Solid business benefits from search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization increased quote requests over 6 fold

LämpöYkkönen provides customers with environmentally friendly, cost- and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

The goal of the company website is to:

The online sector is intensively competitive in terms of both organic (unpaid) and paid search engine visibility. Success therefore depends on increasing investments in online activities.

“LämpöYkkönen operates in a highly competitive market with many players. Paid search engine marketing is too expensive to be profitable at the moment,” says LämpöYkkönen Marketing and IT Manager Matti Perkkiö.

Initially, organic search engine traffic accounted for some 13% of all web visitors, while paid advertising brought in 75%. Technically, the website was search engine-friendly, but there was room to improve the organic visibility of key search terms.

“We tested the website’s search engine optimization with many different companies but to no avail, and we eventually got tired of companies that promised ‘cheap and speedy results’. I decided to turn to Finland’s foremost specialized provider of search engine optimization services. Solteq immediately impressed me with its focused operations and clear instructions for changing our site content,” Perkkiö comments.

 LämpöYkkönen’s goals

The company set the following objectives for search engine optimization:

The cooperation began with an analysis of the search behavior of potential customers. Themes were selected for optimizing the website on the basis of the most profitable keywords used in Google Adwords campaigns.

In the early stages, technical adjustments were implemented on the site. The central parts of the site were also modified structurally to make them more search engine-friendly. Once the technical updates were complete, Solteq provided advice and assistance with content production and other issues impacting on search engine visibility. The entire process was guided by LämpöYkkönen’s core business goals, such as increasing the sales of geothermal heating solutions.

“In terms of search engine optimization these guys were simply in a class of their own compared to our previous experiences. On our side we also had to create more content to develop our site so that our pages gradually began to climb to the first search results page in Google,” Matti Perkkiö, Marketing and IT Manager, LämpöYkkönen.

The joint team worked to develop one theme at a time. Once they achieved the desired level in the search engine, they worked to maintain it while developing new themes for optimization.

“Full marks to Solteq at this stage for constantly reminding us of unimplemented changes right up until the desired modifications were accomplished. They really had the desire to see our company appear on the first page of search results. And as quickly as possible,” Perkkiö adds.


Compared to one year ago, the results of the collaboration with Solteq were outstanding:

According to Matti Perkkiö, search engine optimization has brought clear business benefits:

“The improvements were steady, but after months of work our ranking was finally where it should have been in the first place, and the results were evident in a couple of weeks. Quite coincidentally, at the same time there was a heat wave that continued for a long time. During the following month we saw record sales of air source heat pumps. This was due entirely to the fact that in Google’s organic results for search terms related to air source heat pumps we came in at the top of the first page. So the investment in optimization paid for itself in just a couple of months.”

Because of the positive returns, the company continues to work with Solteq.

“We will continue to cooperate with Solteq in areas like A/B testing and Google Adwords. We have already had similar results in those areas.”

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