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Total sales for the nationwide Kotipizza chain grew to 75 million euros in 2013. At the end of 2013, the management launched a project to acquire a custom-made eCommerce system for the chain. Digital sales and omnichannel customer experience are key competitive factors and brand reinforcers. Solteq’s experts were able to execute a major reform project working on a very tight schedule.

“We want to provide our customers with an even better customer experience and to seamlessly integrate our fully upgraded eCommerce solution with our omnichannel sales,” said Tommi Tervanen, CEO of Frankis Group, Kotipizza’s parent company.

“Renewing our online channel is strategically important for us. We aim to increase our eCommerce sales to over 20 percent of total sales from the Kotipizza chain by the year 2017. We want to reach new customers and new customer groups.”

Solteq’s professionals were involved in the conceptualization and planning of the eCommerce solution. “We decided to work with Solteq because they have the expertise to execute the project based on our vision,” Tervanen says.

Easy to use for mobile devices

Previously, Kotipizza’s online sales had centered on the pizza-online channel, which was also used by the company’s competitors. “We wanted our own eCommerce site that would better communicate who we are and allow us to effectively strengthen our brand. Customer experience must be of the highest quality regardless of the channel,” Tervanen stresses.

Planning began with a conceptualization of the eCommerce site. The key features included usability, interactivity, and personalized service. The project also called for a well-designed user interface and advanced tools to measure and analyze customer experience.

Among the most important factors were Kotipizza customers’ buying process and the site’s user interface. The aim was to also make the ordering process easy for users of mobile devices such as tablet computers.

Implementation on a challenging schedule

The Solteq-led project team was able to roll out the entire assignment on an extremely tight schedule. “Solteq’s specialists got a beta version of the eCommerce site up and running really quickly, and they were genuinely excited about the project. We used feedback and ideas we received from our customers and Kotipizza franchise owners for development work on the eCommerce site,” Tervanen explains.

“Our customers have a strong desire to influence the development of the service. And in the future they will also be able to influence what kinds of functionalities we bring to our online store. There really are very many possibilities.”

According to Tervanen delivery services are an essential part of online shopping. “The customer can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to order a pizza that he or she has designed for delivery to the home or to a selected restaurant. Our digital shopping experience will emphasize personalization and the opportunity to receive individual service.”

“Solteq’s experts demonstrated outstanding skills and vision for the implementation of the eCommerce site. It was also great that we were able to acquire the site as a service without any sizeable investment,” Tervanen explains. “We believe that the platform is scalable to adjust to the number of customers.”

At the heart of business operations

Of the chain’s 263 restaurants in Finland, 150 traditional outlets have eCommerce capabilities. Visitors to kotipizza.fi have increased and in the future customers will be offered more choice in building the pizza of their dreams, starting with a choice of different pizza crusts. Text messages sent automatically keep customers up to date on the progress of their orders.

According to Tervanen, the era of mobility has seen the growth of an important target group – teens and young adults aged 15 – 34. “This is a completely new situation, how our customers see and experience us online. The new eCommerce site is our digital cornerstone and a highly strategic part of our business.”

Solteq also delivered the systems for integrating the restaurants’ point of sale systems with the ordering process.

“This is absolutely essential because the final step of the customer experience always occurs in the restaurant,” Tervanen says. “For the most part, our users have taken the new eCommerce site into use in a very positive manner. Digital business is about constant effort, communication, and keeping up with the times. It’s been a great pleasure to work with Solteq on this eCommerce project.”

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