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SAP modernization project

Heinon Tukku relies on Solteq’s SAP service

TukkuHeino Oy is a family-owned company that was founded in 1899. It engages in the wholesale and import of groceries, alcohol, and office supplies. The TukkuHeino Group consists of six companies with a total of 20 000 customers and 450 employees. The Group’s turnover in 2013 was 225 million euros.

Applications and hosting as a comprehensive service

The cash-and-carry outlets of Heinon Tukku serve their customers 360 days a year. The Group uses several SAP solutions: ERP (Retail), PI, BW, PCM, ISA and Solution Manager. “We are a SAP house. We want to maximize the use of SAP solutions, because they facilitate our lives.”, states the Group’s CIO, Päivi Jänne.

Solteq implemented a SAP modernization project in Heinon Tukku, including a database and operating system upgrade, replacement of the platform and EHP update. In the mapping phase, Heinon Tukku had several parties offering both application and hosting services.

Solteq had just the right proposal for our needs. The choice was also influenced by the fact that we got a comprehensive service package under one contract.

Päivi Jänne


Solteq’s service package includes hosting and system management services, SAP Lifecycle services, Service Desk services, SAP Enterprise Support Delivery, application and change management services, as well as application and integration monitoring services. Apart from the SAP system environment, the continuous services include Solteq’s POS systems and HUB integration solution.

“Cooperation with Solteq started off easily. As a familiar application provider, they already knew our environment well.”, says Päivi Jänne.

Outsourcing the maintenance of servers was beneficial

Prior to the reforms, Heinon Tukku had servers of its own in various data centers and it managed some of them itself. The company had several data center, help desk, server management and monitoring service providers.

“Even now, the original idea was to migrate the platform to our own hardware, but we ran into performance problems.”, Päivi Jänne recalls. There had also been several hours’ downtime in SAP services in the data center. “We had a lot of problems with the platform, and the situation was very confusing. As SAP is our most business critical system, its functionality had to be ensured.”, Päivi Jänne describes the initial situation.

Heinon Tukku’s IT team of five stated that managing and maintaining a platform of its own does not make sense for a small organization. “We have important business development projects in progress all the time, and therefore we had to get the platform issue sorted out – and platform maintenance is not our business. “, Päivi Jänne says.

Solteq offered Heinon Tukku a solution to the problem: system management as a comprehensive service package with Elisa Appelsiini responsible for the capacity of the services. Strategic partnership with Elisa Appelsiini has enabled Solteq to expand its range of services to capacity and cloud services.

“Elisa Appelsiini’s data center services work really well, and other suppliers have also praised the cooperation.”, says Päivi Jänne. Heinon Tukku’s information management’s infrastructure was transferred to Elisa Appelsiini’s data center in the project led by Solteq, after which all systems were migrated to the new servers. The transfer of the infrastructure took place during the Midsummer weekend in 2014. “The transfer succeeded surprisingly well and caused no interference to our operations.”Päivi Jänne praises.

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