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Cost-effective integration and application development

Enterprise service bus supports business growth for DNA

In 2014 DNA, one of Finland’s leading telecommunications operators, posted turnover of 833.5 million euros. A full-featured and fault-tolerant enterprise service bus was implemented for the company, which serves more than 3.5 million mobile and fixed-line customers.

Data security increased significantly as a result of the project. At the same time the cost-effectiveness of both the integration architecture and application development improved. The centralized enterprise service bus designed and implemented by Solteq also reduced the company’s operational risks and helped support the growth and development of the business.

DNA previously used a first-generation gateway solution. It did not actually operate as a service bus and DNA was itself responsible for its maintenance, without the support of a technology partner.

“The technology used in the previous solution was out of date and version support was coming to an end. Furthermore functional reliability was not at a sufficiently high level and we also identified the absence of an enterprise service bus. We decided to implement a service bus and chose Solteq as a partner. Their professionals’ technological know-how is of the highest caliber. They proved to be the right partner to design and implement a high-quality integration platform for us,” says Perttu Suonsyrjä, DNA’s Group Manager responsible for integration services.

DNA mapped out several different options for implementing the service bus. “Solteq is well-resourced and they are very responsive. They served us well and resolved our challenges,” Suonsyrjä adds.

A strategically important development project

The development project included an inventory of DNA’s integration architecture by Solteq’s specialists. The proposed solution was for a dual service bus, which would be covered by Solteq’s support and maintenance service. The updated technology provided a higher performance level and also offered additional features based on DNA’s business needs. The entire project was executed in four months, with IBM’s DataPower technology at the heart of the solution.

“We had deliberately been developing our integration architecture for many years and we now have the basics under control. The service bus provides us with information from different data sources and systems. We can also guarantee better data security for our customers. This modernized solution means cost-effective integration and application development,” Suonsyrjä explains. “Bringing new products and services to the market on a timely basis is of critical importance for us. We need a flexible and effective service bus to be able to do that,” he adds.

Enhanced data security and reduced risk

The new enterprise service bus has allowed DNA to trial new developments. “We are introducing tools designed for software developers that we will add to the service bus by the end of June 2015. After that the service bus will be ready to serve DNA’s internal and external software developers. We can then create more effective common interfaces and they can be managed via a portal,” Suonsyrjä outlines.

“The most significant benefit of a high-availability enterprise service bus is that the level of data security is noticeably better than before. The business’s operating risk decreased and the service bus can withstand large amounts of traffic. With the help of centralized user management system we know precisely who is using which data systems and who has access to what,” Suonsyrjä says. “We can effectively block truly dangerous attacks and the service bus also provides better support for business growth. We can now also implement integrations with global partners.”

The solution includes support, maintenance, and development for the enterprise service bus. “The importance of having a good partner became more evident as the project progressed, and Solteq has been able to keep promises made during the offer stage, even in difficult circumstances. We are extremely pleased with the entire development project as well as with Solteq’s professional expertise,” Suonsyrjä says. “Their specialist skills have been a major benefit for us.”

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