Success Stories

Assa Abloy Solteq

Success Story: ASSA ABLOY

E-commerce sites for more than a 100 brands all over the world

ASSA ABLOY needed a great number of individual e-commerce sites for their different brands in more than 70 countries. We built all their e-commerce sites on one common and centrally hosted platform.

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DNA Solteq

Success Story: DNA

Cost-effective integration and application development

DNA identified a need for an enterprise service bus as the previous solution was out of date. We implemented a high-availability enterprise service bus that increased data security and improved cost-effectiveness.

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Kotipizza Solteq

Success Story: Kotipizza

Customer experience slice by slice

Kotipizza wanted to provide their customers with an even better customer experience. We created a custom-made eCommerce system and integrated it seamlessly with Kotipizzas omnichannel sales.

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Lämpöykkönen Solteq

Success Story: LämpöYkkönen

Solid business benefits from search engine optimization

LämpöYkkönen wanted to improve their organic visibility of key search terms. They decided to turn to Finland’s foremost specialized provider of search engine optimization services. Number of quotes were increased 6 fold.

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Moventas Solteq

Success Story: Moventas

A flexible cloud solution

Moventas was in need for a cost-efficient and clear EAI Integration. We implemented the integration, that covers their systems on a broad scale, as an overall service straight from the cloud.

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RAY Solteq

Success Story: RAY

Responsibly but cost-effectively

RAY's goal is to expand their user base. We help RAY with continuous optimization in order to make sure that their target groups find their services. RAY has reached as high as a 15-fold return on investment.

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LVI-Dahl Solteq

Success Story: LVI-Dahl

A B2B online store for professionals

LVI-Dahl needed a new, more developed, online store which would be flexible, easy to maintain and capable of future growth. We implemented a new online store that responds to changes flexibly and offers LVI-Dahl's customers better service.

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Success Story: Heinon Tukku

SAP modernization project

Heinon Tukku needed a partner that would provide as comprehensive SAP services as possible. We implemented a SAP modernization project that included a database and operating system upgrade, replacement of the platform and EHP update.

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Success Story: Tuko Logistics

More power and speed to message processing

Tuko Logistics needed an integration solution that deals with large amounts of messages and responds to changing integration needs in the future. We implemented a new integration solution, which made subscription management easier.

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Success Story: Alko

Superior customer service with new in store POS solution

Alko sought improvements in operational efficiency and wanted to replace their point of sale systems that handled customers' purchase transactions. We renewed their point of sales system, which increased customer service efficiency.

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