Solutions for vehicle sales

Comprehensive solutions for vehicle retail sales and after-sales services.

Solteq CD is an extensive ERP system for car dealers to be used in tasks related to spare-part logistics and job controlling at repair shops as well as for invoicing.

  • One uniform database, in which the data of all sub-systems is stored.
  • Enables communication with importers, car factories and other stakeholders.
  • Electronic archiving of receipts directly from the system.
  • Online customer invoicing as e-invoices or as e-invoicing letters.
  • Uniform, reliable and quick reporting.


Solteq AS is a precision solution for carrying out the daily routines of a maintenance advisor or supervisor.

  • Targeting of marketing campaigns.
  • Clear booking process that enhances customer service.
  • Features for contacting customers to facilitate communication.
  • Customer and vehicle information can be updated quickly an easily through the Finnish Transport Safety Agency interface.
  • The system is constantly being developed together with Finland’s leading car dealers.


Solteq eCar is a customer management application for car sales, which supports the process from leads to sales and after-marketing.

  • Can be used for the sales of both new and used vehicles.
  • Electronic interfaces to stakeholders of car sales.
  • Versatile search methods for the collection of customer and deal data for contacting and marketing.
  • Integration of customer and vehicle data with CD ERP.

Vehicle sales contact

Hanna Hietala

Business Manager

+358 40 844 4247