Solteq Smart Retail

Solteq Smart Retail suite improves customer experience by bringing best solutions together with cloud technology.

Why choose Solteq Smart Retail?

Solteq Smart Retail, a cloud-based suite, consists of the best solutions in the retail industry, which improve customer experience and provide the merchants with a 360-degree view of their customers and business through sales, campaigns as well as product management and positioning. Solteq Smart Retail is a combination of our experience in traditional retail as well as new innovations, such as AI and robotics.


Advantages and features of Solteq Smart Retail:

  • Simplifies retail customers’ capability to manage their digital end-to-end development and enables better customer behavior understanding.
  • Compatible with all digital channels, such as e-commerce and applications.
  • Increases the customer reach by providing individual information about campaigns and products.
  • Helps to ensure that the prices and balances are correct in all channels.
  • Based on monthly pricing ”as a Service” model with comprehensive support services.

Solteq Smart Retail contact

Ville Taka

Director, International sales and business development