Solteq Smart Retail

Solteq Smart Retail suite improves customer experience by bringing best solutions together with cloud technology.

What is Solteq Smart Retail?

Solteq Smart Retail is a next generation framework that ties multiple solutions together for retailers to drive highly profitable business and excellent customer experience.

It enables comprehensive data driven retail management capabilities and scalability for businesses of all sizes with a subscription based as-a-Service monthly fee model.

Solteq Smart Retail includes point of sale, order management, supply chain optimization, customer relationship management, ecommerce, customer experience analytics, instore robotics and more. All based on proven technology, cloud delivery capability and various types of hardware.



Advantages and features of Solteq Smart Retail:

  • Simplifies retail customers’ capability to manage their digital end-to-end development and enables better customer behavior understanding.
  • Compatible with all digital channels, such as e-commerce and applications.
  • Increases the customer reach by providing individual information about campaigns and products.
  • Helps to ensure that the prices and balances are correct in all channels.
  • Based on monthly pricing ”as a Service” model with comprehensive support services.

Solteq Smart Retail contact

Jani Naukkarinen

Director, Sales and Business Development at Solteq Oyj