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Solteq Retail Robot brings machine vision and deep learning to the store environment. We help retail companies make their day-to-day ordering routines more efficient.

Retail Robot for detecting and counting objects in stores

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The Retail Robot moves autonomously inside a store and gathers data. It scans the products and the price tags from the shelves and extracts useful information. Incorrect tags and empty shelves will be detected. With all the data collected, customers can build a 3D map of each store with the exact product locations.


The story behind our Retail Robot


Technology features

  • Retail Robot combines the features of both Robotics and AI.
  • The robot has a two meter high tower equipped with powerful RGB and Depth cameras.
  • We feed the streams of images from the cameras to our algorithms and neural networks in order to gather the required information for the business.
  • In the store environment, the robot detects whether shelves are empty or products are missing.
  • The robot can also extract the price tag information and check if it is correct from the customer’s back-end system.
  • Our robot base creates a point cloud map from the surroundings and into that we connect the store images from the robot’s cameras. With this information, we can produce a 360° 3D environment with the indoor position points.
  • All daily operations are run inside the robot with its GPU powered units.
  • The neural network training happens in the cloud.
  • The movement of the robot is totally autonomous. It is capable of avoiding hitting into any obstacles and reroutes its path when needed.

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