Heads Retail

Heads Retail makes running a business easy and effortless – in all channels.
HEADS Retail is an ultramodern real-time IT solution, which is far ahead of any other suppliers that I know. HEADS Retail helps us operate the entire Gekås concept with its huge daily volumes that introduce specific requirements for systems. Thanks to HEADS Retail, we have never had any service interruptions in our systems.

Johan Armfelt, CIO, Gekås in Ullared

Why should you choose Heads Retail?

The in-memory technology of Heads Retail enables extremely quick price calculations based on complex pricing matrices. When the customer’s shopping cart is ready either online or in a shop, HEADS Retail calculates product prices in real-time. This enables efficient price matrix management for products, product groups and customers.

Advantages and features of Heads retail

  • Real-time in-memory computing technology that is quick and easy to install and integrate with other systems.
  • It also operates as a cloud cash register, so you will need only one system for all your shops.
  • You can monitor and manage all your shops in real-time and independent of channels.
  • Possibility to process huge amounts of pricing data by using the efficient price engine of Heads Retail.
  • Customisation for various industries is effortless – whether for small enterprises or large chains.

Heads retail contact

Henry Kaunislehto

Sales Manager

+358 40 8444 251