GDPR solutions

Solteq’s easy-to-use GDPR solutions are the answer to the biggest challenges created by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation: accountability, carrying out the rights of data subjects and the transparency of data processing.

Solteq Manager

  • Brings together the results, documentation and instructions of privacy protection assessments.
  • Assesses the status of data protection according to the accountability regulations of the GDPR.
  • Gives automated notifications of the needed actions.
  • Manages audits, information requests and reporting.


Solteq Consent Manager

  • Enables the modifications of Google Tag Manager tags to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.
  • Is compatible with the existing tags and tracking in Tag Manager.
  • Asks the user for permission for tracking and targeted advertising.
  • Links the tracking and the tags according to the choices made by the user.


Solteq Miner

  • Finds and analyses the data related to the requirements of GDPR from different systems.
  • Makes it easier to use unstructured data.
  • Produces reports to increase transparency and for the purpose of fulfilling the obligation of accountability.
  • It is possible to combine web service analytics with the solution.