Blockchain technology

Blockchain, distributed ledgers (DLT’s), smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, programmable money, tokenization, and token economy. Solteq offers solid expertise in bleeding edge technologies that will soon enjoy ubiquity comparable to web pages.

Why should you choose Solteq as your blockchain partner?

Blockchain technology is disrupting nearly every industry. With Solteq Incubator, you can get a head start in the upcoming blockchain race. In ten years, a company without a blockchain solution will be like a company in the early 2000’s without a website — severely lagging behind.

Solteq is always looking to the future. The Solteq Incubator team is ready to ease the transition into a trustless environment, where compliance and incentives are built into your business network.

With a solid experience in different industries and background systems, Solteq is one of the first in Finland to offer customers solutions utilizing blockchain technology.

Solteq Incubator provides workshops, consulting, and customized solutions utilizing the latest innovations with Ethereum, Hyperledger products, and self-hosted private/consortium blockchains.

Transparent transactions, a functional consensus algorithm and a distributed network structure combined with an immutable database creates a system that guarantees irrefutability and makes abuse an impossibility.

Blockchain solutions

Workshops and incubators

What is a blockchain, and how can you utilize it? Is it a data structure, a network structure, a technology stack, or a larger philosophy in creating software? How do you make the most of your blockchain technology ideas? What about smart contracts? Solteq helps you reach a level of understanding necessary to design and work together on blockchain systems.

Research work

How viable is your blockchain product idea? How can blockchain be utilized in your field of business? Solteq Incubator has a research background and has completed pre-studies for the city of Jyväskylä to optimize their business networks using smart contract fabrics.

Gift card

One of many potential use cases of blockchain in sales: an Ethereum based non-fungible ERC-721 gift card token brings loyalty systems to 21st century.

Blockchain and smart contracts — advantages and features

  • A dedicated team of blockchain experts with research and programming background applying latest technologies.
  • A truly transparent and trustless environment greatly streamlining flows of data and value, greatly reducing the human element. Protocol level built-in compliance and trust.
  • Decentralization eliminates the middle-men, and puts the power back to the hands of every party communicating in a business network
  • A flexible degree of visibility: from public blockchains to hybrid/consortium and private blockchains for internal record keeping.
  • Tokenized protocols create new methods of incentivization in digital networks, a feature often lacking in the corporate setting.

Blockchain technology contact person

Timo Kupsa

Director, Solteq Incubator

+358 50 386 5314

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