Comprehensive digital services for omnichannel business, information management, analytics and business management

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    Solteq offers comprehensive digital services for omnichannel business, information management, analytics and business management. Digital services utilizing of data and information management are seamlessly integrated to our customers’ operations management. Solteq’s digital services are based on global technology platforms and service solutions. Solteq works closely with the chosen business partners in order to provide the best expertise for digitalization.

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    Solteq delivers successful digital commerce solutions for eCommerce, product information management, and seamless omnichannel order and supply chain management. The customer flow and experience in omnichannel is ensured with high quality digital services. The solutions provided by Solteq are based on world-class technologies, nearly 20 years of experience in demanding customer environments, and an uncompromising attitude to deliver solutions enabling success in business.

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    Solteq offers data, analytics and information management expert services. The comprehensive service portfolio ensures the building of customers' data-driven businesses by centrally managing system-generated information, effectively analyzing the information, and securing business-critical information for decision-making.

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    Business Operations

    Solteq’s service portfolio covers modern and efficient ERP solutions for operational management of retail, hotel, restaurant, wholesale and manufacturing industries. The combination of the world's best technologies, solid industry expertise and result-oriented experts create a solid foundation for smoothly running customer businesses.

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    Minna Ruusuvuori

    Director, Sales and Marketing, Digital Commerce

    +358 40 724 6431

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    Johnny Milbak

    Director, Sales and Marketing, Denmark & Norway

    +45 40 288 150