Solteq Retail Robot

    Real-time space management and shelf-space planning in retail spaces

    Decreasing margins means better sales and higher efficiency.

    Solteq Robotics

    Solteq Retail Robot

    Return of investment

    Sales growth and the automation of manual work alone will generate a fast ROI on Solteq Retail Robot investments

    When the retailer/chain can forecast demand more accurately, this enables:

    • Sales growth
    • Less waste
    • More efficient use of working capital
    • More efficient purchasing and supply chain management
    • A better customer experience as a bonus

    When the retailer/chain uses robotics and artificial intelligence for forecasting, they make major savings in:

    • Staff costs
    • Other benefits include
    • Real-time space management and shelf-space planning
    • Precise identification of product locations
    • Checking of price information
    • Monitoring of displays
    • Guidance of product collection for online store

    Example calculation

    Retail chain X 80 stores
    Revenue €800 million
    On-shelf availability 97.5%
    Robot investment 80 units, based on RaaS
    1st year €2.3M, break even, see below
    2nd year €1.3M, around €1M annual return

    Sales growth:

    • Forecasts improve due to use of Retail Robot
    • On-shelf availability improves by + 0.4%
    • Sales growth: €800 million  0.4% = €3,200,000 -> estimated margin of 27%= €864,000**

    Reduction in manual labour:

    • Forecasts improve due to use of Retail Robot
    • 1 FTE per store in checking on-shelf availability
    • Retail Robot reduces need by 0.5 FTE*
    • Current staff costs: 80 * €35,000 = €2,800,000
    • Cost savings from robotization: €1,400,000

    ** Average margin for retail stores
    * Conservative estimate

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