Your customers are individuals, online as well as offline.

Customers expect more from a modern online store

Nowadays, there’s a lot more to commerce than simply selling products online. It extends to all channels: web, mobile, call center, social media, and sales outlet.

An unparalleled customer experience has become a defining competitive edge and online retailers must be able to offer an exceptional and seamless service experience regardless of the channel involved.

An online store is no longer an extension of the brick-and-mortar store. Instead, it’s a natural way to interact with customers in a new environment. Companies that own an online store or an online service have an excellent opportunity to engage in active and personal dialogue with their customers at all hours. Customers also expect online retailers to know them and understand their needs. In the best case, the online experience will also help improve the customer experience in the brick-and-mortar store. As a result, sales will soar and customer loyalty will improve.

Success in omnichannel commerce presupposes that the company also takes its competencies and value-adding processes online. If you want to get the most out of it, you must know which technologies will enable you to take advantage of the existing business practices. An online store is no longer your IT department’s development project, but a business tool which can be used to reach specific goals. The role of the online store is not just to unite the digital and brick-and-mortar channels: It offers completely new kinds of business opportunities and different ways of serving customers.

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Which e-commerce solution is best for our business?

IBM WebSphere Commerce Magento
Size Enterprise solution Medium to large companies
Operations Global Some major markets
E-commerce sales Over 5 million euros 2–7 million euros
Industries Retail, manufacturing, brands, wholesale Retail, brands, wholesale
Main feature Omni-commerce Scalable and flexible

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