Omnichannel Sales

Commerce that exceeds customer expectations

A new era in commerce

The omnichannel world has seen the convergence of sales outlets and eCommerce, offering limitless new possibilities.

Combining the best aspects of eCommerce and retail sales offers the possibility for superior and unique service experiences. Customers can touch and try out online store products in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. They can return products purchased online to sales outlets, where they can get replacement products and where retailers can quickly offer returned goods to other customers.

Sales personnel can assist customers and place online orders for them – and customers can pay for their orders immediately in the store aisle.

Putting customers first

Today we are dealing with more data than ever and making use of it in the right way is challenging. Customers need product information to support their purchasing decisions and that information must be available on different channels.

To serve demanding specialist customers, sales associates should also provide considerable information about products, different options, availability, delivery times and so on. This information allows them to tailor the appropriate products for their customers and to make targeted offers using the right channels at the right time. Omnichannel sales allow retailers to genuinely understand their customers and to provide a unique personalized customer experience.

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