Solteq in brief

Solteq is a digital customer engagement expert

We are the partner, who knows what it takes to win in digital disruption, regardless of our customer’s industry. We have the capabilities to provide unique comprehensive service, which covers the technological solutions, continuous services and business support. With 450 experts working in three countries we deliver solutions to Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Solteq’s strengths

  1. We understand thoroughly the possibilities that digital disruption generates. We know how to turn them for the bene t of our customer. With the combination of wide industry expertise and technological skills, we provide our customers with the winning solutions.
  2. Our customers rely on us. Typically we are highly involved in improving our customers’ strategic business solutions, which are in key role when doing their current and especially future business.
  3. Will to continuously improve our skills, capabilities and solution offering combined with innovative mind set, are in the core of each solteqian. This ensures that our clients can have today what they will need tomorrow.
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