Solteq as an investment

We are a partner who knows what it takes to win in digital disruption, regardless of our customer’s industry.

3 good reasons to invest in Solteq

1. We have a broad-based understanding of the impacts of the digital revolution and we know how to turn them into our customer’s advantage.

We have invested substantial resources in new digital services, the market for which is estimated by Inderes to grow at an annual rate exceeding 20 per cent. Powered by more than 550 experts in five countries, we leverage our broad industry experience and high-level technological competence to create winning solutions for our customers.

2. A large proportion of our revenue streams come from continuous services.

SaaS and cloud services are crucial forms of our operations and will be an important engine of our future growth.

3. Competence and improvement are at the centre of our business.

Competence, the continuous improvement of our solution offering and innovation are Solteqians core values. This is how we ensure our ability to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.