Solteq as an investment

We will digitalise commerce for you

Our clients’ business is going through a digital revolution.

We are a digital commerce expert who helps our clients to win the challenges of digitalisation in Finland, in the Nordics and globally – whether the business is online or more traditional.


Three reasons to invest in Solteq

  1. Digitalisation revolutionises the operating environment of businesses and creates a growing digital commerce market. The solutions that we provide for our clients are often critical to their operations, and our task is to help them win in the digital revolution. Gartner has predicted that the value of IT service market in Finland will be 6.85 billion euro in 2017 and that it will continue to grow in 2018 and 2019. Globally, the IT service market is predicted to grow by 5.2% annually.
  2. Our competitive advantage is an exceptionally wide digital commerce solution offering and high level of expertise. Our solutions range from supply chain management to digital marketing and from backend processes to customer experience – online, in mobile and in brick and mortar. Our services are at their best in the digital business of large, global and mid-market companies.
  3. We aim at growth that is faster than the market in the Nordic countries and with specific solutions also globally. In Finland, we will grow mainly by increasing the share of our solution offering in our clients’ business solution portfolios. In addition to organic growth, we will grow our solutions portfolio and geographical coverage through smart M&A activities in line with our strategy.

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