Responsibility shows in our choices and actions

As part of the society, we want to make good choices and take good care of each other. Respect as a global digital commerce player cannot be earned without responsible actions.

Corporate social responsibility evolves in everyday work through the choices and actions of our personnel, guided and supported by the company. All Solteqians are committed to complying with our business principles in their daily work. We want to act in an honest manner and make good choices, and we expect the same from our partners.

As people and wellbeing are especially important matters to us, social responsibility is highly valued in Solteq’s daily work. We care for the wellbeing of each other and continuously develop our workplace to make it better.

By good working conditions and exible operational models we help Solteqians find a balance in their lives. The work of an expert is full of challenges, sitting at the computer, hectic moments and self-improvement. As years go by at work, a lot of things happen in other areas of our lives.

In 2016, we achieved a lot. We established Solteq Academy, our in-house training centre, we enjoyed the services of our wellness coaches, and we learned new things about each other when our children occupied Solteq offices in November. An absolute star idea was also the one received from the personnel: using the extra hours due to the government’s Competitiveness Pact on physical activity and makeing it part of our everyday routines.

Our work is also guided by our corporate culture, which features three virtues: empathy, passion for the unexpected and truthfulness. We appreciate the ability to step into another person’s shoes, take the initiative and create something unexpected, and do things like a true stand-up guy or girl.

These principles and virtues are the building blocks of a sustainable future. By working together, we can share good things to each other and to those around us. Small streams make a big river.

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