The year 2015 was the last year for Solteq’s old strategy

We achieved our revenue goal of 60 million euro by purchasing Descom, a Finnish provider of IT and digital marketing services, and started building a completely new business entity.

The integration process started immediately after the deal was finalised and the aim was to start the year 2016 as a new entity. The purchase of Descom changed Solteq’s ownership structure, which will affect the company’s strategic goals and choices in the years to come.

Profitable growth has been Solteq’s strategic goal for several years. During the first strategy period of the company’s current CEO, Repe Harmanen, the focus was on the expansion of the offering and improvement of profitability. The purchase of Aldata Solutions Finland in March 2012 took Solteq to the next level in terms of size and added significant retail sector solutions to Solteq’s product range. After the acquisition of Aldata Solutions, Solteq’s service offering covered the entire supply chain from procurement and enterprise resource planning to store and loyal customer systems.

Profitable growth implemented in a controlled manner into a company with a revenue of 60 million euro and internationalisation were the central themes in the strategy after its revision in March 2014. In terms of business operations, the aim was to focus on retail, logistics and services and ensure the continuity of the clients’ operations as users of our solutions. International growth was sought by expanding operations to new markets and growing with existing clients. E-commerce and online stores offered important channels for internationalisation. Organic growth at a faster rate than the market growth with focus on expanding the offering coverage, attracting new clients and pursuing an active company acquisition policy was seen as a means to achieve the growth goal. In company acquisitions, the focus was on alternatives that would strengthen Solteq’s business segments, geographic area and solutions.

Solteq enters 2016 as a new integrated business entity, prepared to start implementing a new strategy in the course of the year. The strategy work for the new company was started immediately after the merger, and major strategy outlines were published in the last interim report of the year. Planning will continue in the Executive Team of the new company, and the new strategy will be published later in spring 2016.

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