Incorporation of the enterprise asset and service business management segment

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On 1 January 2015, Solteq’s Enterprise Asset and Service Business Management Segment was incorporated

The company name is MainioT Oy and a separate strategy was created for it during 2015.

MainioT Oy provides its clients with service sector ERP and master data management solutions. Unlike Solteq’s other segments, the main business of MainioT Oy is based on the development, supply and marketing of its own software products. Apart from direct client contacts and sales, the company’s business model involves activities to grow business through various sales channels.

The service ERP solutions that MainioT Oy develops for the management and optimisation of service processes help its clients manage their operations and enhance, for example, production plant reliability, task and resources management, field work, sales and customer service, partner network management and materials management. The solutions are utilised by a large number of clients representing various industries and sectors, such as energy production, maintenance services, life cycle services, engineering and technical services of cities and municipalities, property management services, as well as home and care services.

MainioT Oy also provides client companies with services and products related to business critical data (master data) in the form of master data improvement projects, data maintenance services outsourced to master data service centres, software technologies for master data management, and consultation services. The aim of these services is to ensure that the data in the systems that support the clients’ enterprise resource planning and decision making processes are of high quality, compatible and up-to-date. The master data management solutions are used by clients across industries and sectors.

During the financial year, the revenue of the Enterprise Asset and Service Business Management Segment amounted to 4.9 million euro (5.0 million euro). The operating profit of the segment was 0.3 million euro (0.7 million euro).

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