Entering 2016 as a new company with a new strategy

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The strategy work of the new Solteq was started as soon as its Board of Directors and Executive Team were elected.

The core of our operations is commitment to all forms of digital commerce and the support of its growth.

During the past few years, the role of international operations has strengthened in our business sector. Our aim is to increase the share of international operations significantly with both our current and future clients. Global digital commerce has no borders. It creates new forms of doing business, decentralises supply chains and makes them transparent.

Solteq’s Board of Directors has outlined its long-term goals concerning client relationships, solution offering, internationalisation, indebtedness and growth. The new Board of Directors and Executive Team started work in 2015, and during the early part of 2016, they will continue working out the practical details in the strategic focus areas. The future strategy will be based on the new Solteq’s most essential competitive advantage: the integrated total solutions for multichannel and digital commerce that Solteq is able to offer to its clients. The services of the new company combine the entire supply chain from procurement to store networks and thereby to encounters with customers. The aim of the solution and service offering is to improve the efficiency and fluency of the clients’ business operations.

Our aim is organic growth that is faster than the growth of the software service market. We also intend to pursue an active company acquisition policy in areas that strengthen our strategic focuses to develop our client relationships, solutions or geographic position. We will also estimate the suitability of our current solution offering for the business operations of our clients. In this way, we will be prepared for appropriate operations at both the company acquisition and divestment fronts to achieve our goals and objectives.

As digital commerce has no borders, international operations will open up important growth and expansion opportunities for us in the future with both our current clients and, through selected solutions, with new clients.  Growing with large globally operating clients is an opportunity for organic growth that we will continue to develop actively.

Our dividend distribution policy will support our growth goals and strategy. We will estimate carefully if investment in growth and strategy implementation will be more profitable for our shareholders than annual dividend distribution. We consider that the development of the balance sheet structure will be important in the first phase, and at the same time, we will seek balance between growth and dividend distribution.

As to the company’s gearing ratio, our long-term goal is that it will be at a level that is three times as high as EBITDA. We consider that our gearing ratio in the current bond market makes our company an interesting target for investors: indebtedness is under control, but at the same time, capital is utilised efficiently to enable the financing of organic and inorganic growth.

We will provide more information on our strategy later in spring 2016.

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