Manufacturing industry

Flexible and customer-specific solutions for industrial companies struggling with digitalisation.

The digital revolution is shaking the foundations of the industry

The expectations of customers and end customers are forcing industrial companies to modify their operational models in order to make them customer-oriented. Instead of mass production, products, solutions and services are customised to meet the needs of each customer. Agility and the ability to modify own operations are essential in order to achieve and maintain competitiveness.


Smart products and services are gaining foothold in the industry

Industrial companies are creating increasingly unique delivery chains, and the harnessing of possibilities provided by technology is more and more active. Digitalisation enables smaller production costs while providing a better customer experience.


Solteq is familiar with the requirements of the increasingly digitalised industry. We are familiar with business models, processes, systems and the skills required from people. We can help with a wide range of topics – in small issues as well as in large operational renewal projects.


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