Determining reasons why visitors abandon your Marketing Conversion Funnel

    Struggle, the real reason paid visitors quit!

    Within eCommerce Marketing a significant amount of time and effort is spent driving customers to your site. Between SEO, paid search and a myriad of advertising strategies and campaigns, the ultimate objective of driving brand and product interest is significant.

    Once customers arrive from a marketing source we, as marketing teams can then derive success, but this is often through the very narrow lens of conversion.

    However, some thought provoking items to consider:

    • How do we deem what a conversion is?
    • Is a bounce really a bounce?
    • Did the customer show any interest at all?
    • What do we consider a failed marketing visit?
    • Finally, was the campaign a success?

    Within this webinar we will discuss how Customer Behaviour can determine a much deeper understanding of your customers experience, from campaign to visit and all factors in-between. Learn how customers using Deep Vision can quickly identify failed or underperforming campaigns.

    Take the guess work out of success, make your data work for you and your customer. Sign up for the webinar.


    27th of May 2020 at 14:00-14:30 (CET)


    • Introduction (5 mins)
    • Main topic (see above) and demonstration (20 mins)
    • Q&A (5 mins)


    Stephen Coates, Director and Deep Vision Product Owner, Solteq

    7+ Years Customer Experience Consultancy in Digital Ecommerce. Working with Enterprise Businesses to improve their website efficiency and increase customer retention.

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