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Google AdWords advertising

Google AdWords advertising uses search term advertising with Google, the most popular search engine. The search displays advertising content prominently when a user searches for information on a particular product or service.

This is precisely why Google advertising reaches customers just when they’re ready to buy.

Google AdWords briefly

Google Adwords advertising works as follows:

  • We select relevant keywords and prepare the advertising text.
  • The advertisement is displayed along with Google search results.
  • Google users click on the ads to continue to your online service.

In practice it’s possible to significantly boost the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by improving text content and landing pages as well as by more precisely targeting the ads.


  • Reach out at the right time
  • Boost your advertising
  • Geo-targeting
  • Affordable

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Google AdWords optimization boosts advertising

It’s possible to track the profitability of Google AdWords advertising by using web analytics. The results of the analytics in turn help us to enhance advertising campaigns and often considerably improve the campaign’s returns.

Advertising campaign optimization is useful because:

● It reduces media-related expenses
● It improves advertising visibility
● It helps increase sales

Advertisers bid for advertising space in the Google AdWords advertising system. However, money alone does not determine the ranking of ads in search results because Google wants to offer its online users the most useful or relevant information in their search results.

Apart from price, an ad’s ranking in Google’s advertising results is also based on a quality score system. So it’s not enough that you’re simply ready to pay more than your competitor for an advertising spot – your ad must also be better than your competitor’s!

Quality scores determine an advertisements’ visibility

Google AdWords optimization increases an advertisement’s quality score. As a result, good ads become affordable for advertisers – meaning that a good advertiser pays a low price for the visibility. A poor advertiser on the other hand pays a higher price for an ad that gets the same ranking. This is why advertising campaign optimization yields better results on a smaller budget.

Google AdWords calculates each keyword’s quality score when the user’s search matches the advertiser’s selected keywords. Many factors influence the calculation of quality scores and Google is continuously developing the system. Variables that influence quality scores include:

● Keyword and advertisement click rates
● Click rates for the entire advertising account
● Click rates for urls embedded in advertisements
● Landing page quality
● Conformity between keywords and advertisements

Google uses its quality score system to ensure that search engine users are shown the ads that most closely match their needs.

Apart from users, advertisers also benefit from the system because the use of quality scores helps them develop good ads.

High quality scores ensure that:

● Ads receive a high ranking in search results.
● The cost per click (CPC) remains low.

Geo-targeting Google advertising

Narrowing the focus on a well-planned campaign can help increase your sales income.

When ads are targeted in the best possible manner, you will reach more buyers who are prepared to purchase your products or services. That’s when the returns from your Google Adwords advertisements will increase most. At the same time, the cost of your advertisements will fall considerably and the sales from one ad will grow significantly.

Advertising with Google AdWords can be geographically focused to precisely reach the right target group. The desired geographic target area can be defined by factors such as a target city or by defining the limits of a specific region.

Geo-targeting can help you choose the most relevant target group or allow you to display different ads in specific areas. This approach helps you to adequately meet the needs of different audiences.

When you use this method, AdWords will recognize the user’s location on the basis of his or her search. For example, if a user searches for “tires in Helsinki” he won’t see ads for tire dealers in northern Finland. In addition to the search terms used, Google can also recognize the user’s location with the help of his or her IP address.

Google AdWords advertising is affordable

Using Google AdWords campaigns the advertiser can decide on the daily budget and price that he’s prepared to pay for each click on his advertisement. This allows you to pay the exact daily price you want for your advertising campaign.

However, AdWords doesn’t require a commitment to a predetermined daily minimum budget or cost per click. This allows advertisers to start their Google AdWords campaigns with a very small media budget.

In Google’s advertising system advertisers bid for advertising spots. If an advertiser is prepared to pay a higher price for clicks, his ads may be prominently featured in result listings. However, the quality score system means that money alone does not determine the visibility your ad may get.

Advertising using other search engines

In Finland, when we talk about search advertising we tend to refer mainly to Google advertising and AdWords campaigns. Benchmarking all other search engines against Google is understandable because Google currently has a 92% share of the search term advertising market in Finland.

However, we are ready to help our clients create effective search advertising campaigns using any search engine, since we are not committed to using any specific provider to develop campaigns.

Pricing for search advertising

We apply our service pricing for search advertising campaigns as follows:

● We bill a fixed amount for our services.
● We bill for media charges based on the prices charged by the search provider.

Our search advertising charges are based on the quantity of work involved, and not on the number of visitors to the customer’s online service. Charges rise with the number of visitors only in relation to fees paid to the search provider – we charge a fixed amount for our work on your campaigns. This also makes us an attractive and affordable option for executing large advertising campaigns.

Read more about Google’s advertiser guide.

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