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Reach customers when they are looking for a solution

Search advertising reaches customers just when they’re ready to buy

Search term advertising is a method where adverts are targeted to match specific search terms or keywords entered in search engines.

Search advertising is a service that can be purchased from search engine providers such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The service displays paid advertisements to search engine users along with their search results. These ads are a great way to target specific groups because they are displayed to users only when they seek the advertiser’s product or service.

Seven reasons to start using search advertising

Search term advertising has become an essential part of successful online business operations. Here are seven good reasons why you should also start using this effective method of reaching customers:

1. Speed

Search term advertising brings visitors to your website immediately after your campaign has been activated. This helps new websites see results as soon as they are published.

2. Focus

Your advertisement will be displayed only to people interested in your product, and just when they use the search terms we define. Ads may also be targeted to focus on a particular geographical area.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Unlike traditional advertising, it’s free to display the ads. You only pay for concrete results, in other words, for visitors who arrive at your online service.

4. Measurability

Every view and click-through from your advertisement is recorded. These reports mean you know exactly what you’re paying for. And with visitor tracking you can also measure the results of site visits.

5. Precision

Search engines are often used in situations where a purchase decision has already been made and the user is merely looking for a supplier. Your ads will therefore reach users who are prepared to spend money.

6. Affordability

It’s easy to begin search advertising with even a small budget: a daily budget of just one euro is enough to get you started. This means you don’t have to commit up front to a large media budget.

7. Flexibility

Changing or updating your advertising campaigns is easy. When you make changes to your campaigns, it takes only minutes for the updates to take effect.

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