Personalise your customer experience and marketing

Well-designed marketing automation uses customer data as well as information gathered from different customer touchpoints to create personalised messaging.

Customer experience management automation and personalisation

Well-designed marketing automation uses customer data as well as information gathered from different customer touch points to create personalised messaging.

Easy-to-use functional tools facilitate everyday routines and genuinely support a customer’s purchase path by providing positive experiences and useful messages. Marketing automation solutions combine sales, marketing, customer service, e-commerce and logistics into one effective offering. Solteq builds you the right mix of digital marketing solutions and integrates tools for enterprise resource management.

Our marketing automation service includes:

  • Consulting
  • Content production
  • Systems
  • Integration and data delivery
  • Marketing as a Service

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Marketing management

1. Understand your target audience

Web analytics, purchasing and bonus data, and customer-defined preferences provide automatically generated customer segments. You also get information from abandoned shopping carts and how consumers have reacted to campaigns.

2. Create effective customer messaging

You link customers interested in specific goods to the products and messages in accordance with your established sales targets.

3. Design complete modules

You take advantage of automation and design omnichannel models that support the purchase path. You use triggers, automated emails and mobile push messages.

4. Implement effective marketing campaigns

You offer your partners visibility and promote cooperation with them. You save time, effort and money with effective campaigns.

5. Listen and measure

Understand your customers in the omnichannel environment.

6. Optimise and develop your operations by reporting and measuring

You observe which measures and campaigns work effectively and which do not.

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