Information provided by analytics can be extensively segmented and condensed

We base all our services on data and generate custom insights from it. We connect all the relevant data sources and visualise the data, so its easy to read. With all the relevant data at hand, it is easy for example to prove marketing ROI.

Does your business benefit from customer data-based analytics?

Everything can be measured online. [Well, almost everything.] Google Analytics alone gathers vast amounts of data about web visitors.

The efficient use of such information provides a useful portrait of the state of an online service. Using data from analytics platform is a basic requirement for all companies operating online. Such information can be further enriched with data from visitor surveys, heat maps, recorded visits and keywords from search engine optimisation software.

Analysis should always lead to action

What remains a basic rule of thumb for good analytics? Avoid focusing exclusively on a single variable, and combine sources and variables for comparison and comprehensive analysis. First analyse – then take action.

Solteq professionals have extensive experience making use of online data. For example these companies benefit from the analytics we produce:

● TeliaSonera, teleoperator<
● RAY, Finland’s Slot Machine Association
● Konecranes, lifting equipment manufacturer
● Suunto, heart-rate monitor and outdoor-sports instrument manufacturer.

Measurement and analytics management are central to the way we work. Analytics are also at the centre of our clients’ first-class search engine optimisation, paid advertising, conversion optimisation and marketing automation. In other words, everything we do.

We want to share this way of working with our customers. We can assist you at any stage of analytics. In business, there are times that call for bold experimentation with something entirely new and innovative. But, such solutions should be carefully measured to verify their success and to react to them.

Solteq solution to online analytics

Learn how we take care of our customers online analytics needs in five clear phases to deliver the best possible results.

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Our analytics services:

  • Web analytics
  • Offline analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Mobile & IoT analytics
  • Call analytics
  • Data mining & segmentation
  • DMP Solutions
  • Enterprise tag management
  • Customer 360
  • Surveys
  • Process automation

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Analytics management must guide the entire business

Online analytics management – an option for everyone – basically only requires effort and adequate skilled resources. But gathering data is only the first step.

The collected data must also be made use of and acted upon. Analytics management involves more than collecting data from the internet – analytics management must be a factor that guides the entire business. For best results, combine online data with information gathered from other parts of the business.

A well-designed dashboard allows you to view the performance of all business KPIs as well as their interactions.Online dashboards are one of many tools where data from different sources can be combined.

Use dashboards to pool data such as:

● social media sources
● sales from brick and mortar outlets
● customer service information
● results from visitor surveys – it’s always useful to gather customer feedback


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