Great product information absolutely essential in commerce

Enriched product information improves search engine visibility, reduces product returns, increases customer satisfaction, escalates sales and achieves a competitive advantage through well-managed information.

The significance of product information management (PIM) is highlighted in omnichannel commerce.

Customers carry out omnichannel searches for product information. They search for data online to support their purchasing decisions then purchase the product from the same company’s brick-and-mortar store. Customers also expect to see higher quality and more up-to-date product information in stores. The role of the salesperson has changed. A customer, who has researched what s/he wants, knows a lot about the product in question. Because the salesperson simply cannot know everything about thousands of products, good product information helps the salesperson to better serve the customer.

Centrally managed product information reduces the need for resources and guarantees findability in various sales channels

The cost-effective maintenance and distribution of product information and digital material to all channels is only possible if the information is managed and enriched centrally. It must also be possible to distribute this information to stores, printed products and online services from a single source. It is challenging to maintain a product information database that satisfies customers, since there are numerous goods suppliers, and thousands of products move through the warehouse. Product information can easily become dispersed and difficult to manage.

The central management of all product data in online stores and services, as well as various other materials, helps to ensure that available information is up-to-date, enriched and usable by anyone who needs it regardless of time, place or language.

PIM is a product information management system for retailers, importers and manufacturers. PIM can be used to:

  • Centrally manage product information in all sales channels
  • Easily process product descriptions, prices, features, images and videos
  • Efficiently collect, enrich and transfer product information to various sales stages and channels


Integrates suppliers’ product information with online stores much more efficiently than others.
You can start selling new products faster.
Improved conversion rates.
Increased profits.
You get more customers, and sales per customer grow.


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Product Information Management (PIM) system

Having a good memory isn’t enough to control a product information database – you also need a centralized product information management system. Good product information management provides retailers with many invaluable advantages.

Customers comparing products appreciate – though perhaps subconsciously – high-quality product information, such as impressive images, technical data, instructions, and everything else they need to make a purchase choice. Companies that provide quality product information sell more than others that don’t.

With good product information management, you’ll get new products to the market faster. It’s also important to take into consideration specific requirements for different channels as you produce product information. For example, information should be presented quite differently on mobile sites than on traditional websites. There is less space, but the channel provides unique ways to interact with customers. Take the full advantage of omnichannel sales with PIM – Informatica Product 360.

Boost your sales

Customers who visit eCommerce sites are most likely to buy from sites where they get the most comprehensive product information. Customers won’t buy a product from an online store if they’re not completely sure of what they’re getting.

It is difficult to maintain a product information database that is satisfactory for customers when there are many suppliers and thousands of products in stock. Product information is often scattered, and it is difficult to manage such a massive amount of data.

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