Avoid supply chain chaos

Multichannel order management can be tough without proper tools. Your online store, customer service, and sales outlets must all work together properly.

IBM Sterling Order Management is a cornerstone of omnichannel commerce

It seamlessly unites the physical and digital sales channels. It ensures that sales, delivery, and returns processes support each other.

The omnichannel future has already arrived

Customers don’t make a distinction between your online store and store outlets when they shop. When people seek, buy, or return products, they choose the most convenient way to do so.

Flexibility and customer experience are at the heart of business. If a sales outlet’s products sell better online, you should be able to reroute them to your online store. If an outlet doesn’t have the right shirt size in stock, a well-informed sales associate can sell the shirt to the customer using the online store. If customers don’t want to drag their purchases home themselves, outlet can offer them the online store’s delivery options.

Many online stores provide their customers free shipping and return. Although supply chains are becoming more and more complicated, the retailer is still responsible for giving and keeping the customer promise. Keeping this promise requires good visibility and the exchange of information throughout the supply chain. It is vital that deliveries and returns are processed efficiently and reliably. Success in these areas is the key to increasing customer loyalty and enhancing the dependability and profitability of the online store.

In the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to distribute the finished products to the right place at the right time: to key customers, retailers, and the manufacturer’s own sales outlets and online store. Our extensive know-how in product information management is at your disposal.


Manages ordering, delivery, and returns processes.
Creates a comprehensive, organization-wide picture of all inventory locations.
Provides your customer service with real-time tools for effective order management.
Brings internal and external parties and partners together.
Adapts well to customer processes and is easy to integrate into existing systems.


See how IBM Sterling improves the customer experience:

IBM Sterling Order Management

Centralized data availability enables an omnichannel customer experience. You’ll always know where merchandise is and when products run out. You can quickly offer returned goods to other customers, which improves circulation and reduces the number of discounted items.

An omnichannel approach allows you to create a pleasant customer experience that helps build customer loyalty and increases sales. IBM Sterling Order Management provides you with more real-time information on product availability, so you’ll be able to make better customer promises and live up to them. This will lead to better profitability and improved customer satisfaction.

Sterling Order Management contains most functionalities needed in omnichannel sales, so you don’t have to waste time or money on expansions and customizations. Sterling Order Management’s forward-thinking, customer-centered process complements the traditional ERP asset management viewpoint extremely well.

Sterling Order Management boosts your business in three ways:

  1. Better availability, adequate delivery process, larger numbers of contact points, and improved customer satisfaction all add up to increase revenue.
  2. You’ll save money as operations and processes evolve, inventory levels decrease, and new partners enter the scene.
  3. You’ll be able to track, analyze, and run statistics on processes, which spares you from making expensive mistakes.

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