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Successful digital business requires strategic level attention and leadership commitment, systematic development and the right people in the right roles.

Digital business involves much more than just IT

Competition in digital channels is transparent and tough: success requires business ideas and customer promises that stand out, and cost-effective operational models and metrics that lead to the right targets.

Customers’ growing expectations shape commerce

Consumers have unprecedented expectations when it comes to consuming and these expectations have become everyday realities also in B2B companies.

Today’s global corporate giants have raised the bar when it comes to customer experience and brand. To succeed, companies must increasingly better understand their customers and offer unique service experiences. Omnichannel trade has become a necessity, and companies must provide customers with the same quality of service across all channels. Boundaries between e-commerce sites and brick-and-mortar stores have become blurred and digitalisation has resulted in an unprecedented increase in the amount of information available.

Our consulting services help clients outline a comprehensive omnichannel commerce approach. We offer you the best perspectives and practices from around the world. We combine our technological capabilities with your business goals and strategies, and help you select optimal solutions that will work today and in the future. Our design services provide brand visibility and develop high-quality customer experiences.

Solteq’s business consultants have best-in-class expertise and extensive experience in B2B and B2C sectors

We know what is required to build successful digital business solutions and we have first-hand experience of sales, marketing and information management in everyday commerce. Our roots are in traditional brick-and-mortar trade, as well as ecommerce, and we offer our customers the best concepts and practices from around the world.

Our typical digital business consulting briefs include:

Business plan analysis
Omnichannel strategy development
Omnichannel maturity analysis
Business transformation implementation planning
Digital business measurement design and implementation
Partnership/ecosystem concepts
Innovation workshops
Executive briefing sessions


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Technology Consulting: The appropriate technology supports business operations

In today’s world, technology itself can give rise to completely new types of business.

In making technology choices, companies can not merely compare deployment costs or technological suitability for the requirements of the first stage of development. The real benefits or drawbacks of technology only become evident after 5 – 10 years when immediate gains have been achieved, and it is time to scale to the real needs of the business.

Solteq’s experienced technology consultants understand the commerce sector’s extensive need for technology and know how to take into account the growing importance of omnichannel capabilities in overall architecture. We have a deep understanding of overall architecture development and development processes for the commerce sector, as well as important information systems such as ERP solutions, ecommerce and marketing solutions, product information, assortment and data management solutions, order-delivery chains and stock management, point-of-sale (POS) systems, store digitisation, loyal customer programmes and their related integration, and API management solutions.

Our typical technology consulting briefs include:

  • Development of technology roadmaps and GAP analyses to support business
  • Development processes for digital business, operational models for cooperation with suppliers and IT, and IT systems to support development processes
  • Total and solution architecture design based on business quality attributes: logical architecture, information architecture, integration architecture and system architecture
  • Cloud strategy and implementation
  • Cloud ecosystem development, API solutions
  • Health checks and technology solutions audits
  • Compilation of technology requirements, evaluation of technology options and selection process management
  • Technology user training

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