Customisation is crucial in the digital market: learn how Magento meets your needs

New digital services from core systems

We deliver best solutions by using our industry expertise, skills from design, digital marketing, ecommerce, and business solutions.

Trends shape customer behaviour

Consumer expectations are higher than ever. The only way to address them is to adapt and start using new ways of thinking.

Digitalisation is altering the world

Highly valuable data from business is gathered but not yet combined to create new or optimise existing business. A competitive advantage is reachable if you are able to combine customer, product, behaviour and process data. Then you can start creating insights instead of reports and act upon them.

For years companies have invested in core systems and optimised their operations. The next step is to start to invest in smaller, faster and customer value increasing applications instead of massive IT projects. Mobile and web applications cost the fracture of a large project, but reap huge benefits. By utilising a agile approach, the time to market is short and user feedback can be gathered quickly.

Software development is becoming more diverse

Companies must deal with two different generation IT systems:

  1. New mobile and web services that are optimized for rapid feature development to enable experiments and quick Return on Investments. These services of engagement need to react rapidly to changing consumer or B2B customer needs and business opportunities.
  2. At same time Core Business Systems should be optimized for reliability, security and cost efficiency. As systems of record, it’s important that you don’t get defects or downtime that damage the enterprise or business. Consequently, this slows down the rate of change and increases cost of introducing new features.

We have decades of experience in core systems and we know how to get the most out of them. We know the ins and outs and we can recommend the best and most cost efficient way to increase customer experience.

Our services:

Solutions Development Services: Creating new business from need to Minimum Viable Product.
Digitalization Enablement Services: Modernizing core systems to support new business and services.
Agile Development Services: Best people & expertise at your service


Evolution of Digital Services Development:

Evolution of Digital Services development

Solutions Development Services

Cross-functional expert team developing state of the art mobile and web applications for B2C and B2B customer needs. We use a CX driven approach to capture real customer needs and an agile development to produce customer value early. Our cloud based infrastructure delivers solutions cost efficiently and quickly. By utilising digital marketing skills, we optimise traffic to the service.

The value:

  • Developing right things to create most customer value.
  • Optimising investments on new services.

Digitalization Enablement Services

Contracted development and operations team for opening core system for new digital services. We provide the core system maintenance handover, cloud based API creation different Core Systems and gradual modernization of core system.

The value:

  • New business enablement without massive platform investments.
  • Avoid business continuity due risky replacement projects.
  • Less risky gradual modernization of in-house core systems/solutions.

Agile Development Services

Contracted agile development team developing solutions using Solteq’s best practises.

The value:

  • Take benefit of our expertise in the most flexible way.

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