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Loyal customers know your business – it’s important to reward loyalty and make customers even more committed.

Engage your most loyal customers

Loyal customers know your business – it’s important to reward loyalty and make customers even more committed.

This is possible if companies know their customers, what they buy and when they buy it. You can pay closer attention to your customers by providing information about interesting new developments and creating targeted campaigns. A customer loyalty programme is an effective way to engage active customers.

We facilitate better customer relations

Modern customer loyalty programmes are much more than just a contact database. Customer loyalty solutions provide tools for customer segmentation, grouping and targeted marketing. A versatile customer loyalty programme provides opportunities for a business to engage in omnichannel communications and maintain long-term customer account management.

Customer loyalty increases with improved customer experience

Loyal customers want to know that they are understood and want to be offered targeted services. Customer experience must have the same high quality in all channels. Our modern loyal customer solutions make it easy to serve customers and increase sales.

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Solteq Loyalty
Solteq Gift Card

The cornerstones of customer relationship management:

Maintain long-term customer account management
Know your customers, know what they buy and when
Reward customer loyalty
Win back lost customers
Ensure cost effective and targeted marketing
Create target groups and select the most effective channel

Solteq Loyalty: take charge of customer relationships

Our clients’ loyal customers focus their shopping, in one location, 26 times more than other customers.

Solteq Loyalty helps you provide your customers with personalised and consistent transaction experiences across all channels. It is an easy-to-use fixed-price SaaS service that gathers loyal customer information from different sources in one location to provide a complete picture of a customer at a glance.

The solution gathers data from sources such as e-commerce sites, ERP systems, POS systems and marketing tools. Customer feedback, marketing communications, purchasing history, customer data updates, areas of interest, customer categories, campaigns and customer research data are stored and available in real-time throughout the system. You know everything about your customers and are, therefore, able to serve them better than ever, rapidly strengthening customer loyalty.

Solteq Loyalty provides tools for the following:

  • Customer identification, contact and commitment
  • Better visibility and understanding of the customer base
  • Better use of customer data to meet business needs
  • Customer segmentation and analysis
  • Targeted and personalised marketing
  • Increased interaction
  • Expansion of active loyal customer base
  • Increased buying commitment among casual customers
  • Conversion of intellectual capital potential into profits
  • Automation and optimisation of customer service routines
  • Creation of a competitive advantage


Manage customer data

This highly developed solution allows you to understand your customers and profile them accurately. Using information about purchasing history and areas of interest, you can reward and sell effectively. You can use bonuses to reward customers and further strengthen relations. Parallel cards ensure entire households concentrate their shopping and benefit from customer loyalty programmes.

Comprehensive loyal customer data make it easy and effortless to design the right kinds of campaigns. Customers can be put into groups, and omnichannel marketing campaigns can be implemented on the basis of different data. Detailed analysis and reporting functionalities allow you to review customer profitability, loyal customer trends and campaign effectiveness. You can also drill deeper into the details to identify development areas.

Expert developers of customer loyalty

Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop a vision for the development of successful customer loyalty concepts. We can help you create experiences that provide genuine benefits for customers. We help develop business operations by organizing existing customer registers and analysing customer data. We simplify customer data updates, and develop more efficient means for gathering contacts and customer feedback. Accurate and up-to-date information allows for better decision-making and campaigns, and helps boost sales and loyalty.


  • More than 2 million active loyal customers monthly
  • More than 20 different customer loyalty programmes
  • Over 17 million emails sent annually
  • Email links clicked more than 2 million times
  • Loyal customers focus their shopping 26 times more than other customers
  • Programmes in eight countries

Solteq Gift Cards: better than regular gift cards

A gift card is an easy way to increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

Solteq’s gift card works in the same way as a payment card, and the available balance syncs up in real-time with usage. The customer can top up the balance, and the card also works with smartphones. Extensive automation, as well as a unified system and operational model, ensure effective use of time and simplify back-office operations.

The versatile card can be used in a variety of different situations

Customer experience lies at the heart of the Solteq gift card. It is a digital solution integrated with different POS systems. The customer always knows the balance on the gift card: replenishing and using the balance all take place in real time. The customer can use the gift card to pay for purchases in instalments, and the balance can be topped up. In addition to money, the card can also be replenished with products and services.

Services bundled with a gift card can be used to engage active ecommerce users to visit store outlets for fitting or sewing services. The gift card can also be used to purchase defined products. For example, a child could use it to pick up snacks on the way home from school.

Solteq’s gift card can also be used as a mobile payment instrument. In other words, additional cash value can be added to the card in the POS system as an ecommerce or mobile payment. The mobile payment capability offers flexibility and makes it possible to link loyal customer campaigns as part of gift card features.

Regulations and law considered in solution development

Solteq’s gift card solution complies with requirements and accounting regulations governing gift cards and electronic money transfers. Card reloads can be executed as a payment in POS systems, online or via a mobile device. Gift card data is stored in a centralised back-office system, allowing top ups to be performed via several different interfaces.

Card personalisation and extra services

We provide high-quality, standards-compliant gift cards with features that meet modern demands. There are many options for card designs in terms of prints, as well as special effects. Cards with distinctive designs offer VIP customers a real sense of special treatment. In addition to high value shopping, a unique card provides VIP customers with extra value and lowers the threshold for their subsequent purchases.

After printing, the cards are personalised as follows:

  • A bar code, card number and security code are printed on the cards
  • Once the security code is printed, it is covered with scratch-off material
  • The card can be attached to a carrying case, so that the bar code can be read through an opening in the case
  • Cards and cases can be placed in batches in numerical order
  • Cards and carrying cases can be safely stored in the card supplier’s warehouse until delivery


  • Contemporary
  • Can be supplied with cash value, services or products
  • Improves customer service
  • Easy to use with enhanced features
  • Partial use possible
  • Important for purchase path optimisation
  • Works with mobile devices

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