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Happy Customer
Customer Experience

You build a successful customer experience by listening to people

Customer engagement can take place anywhere: in retail store, at home or on the street. Quality user experience is built equally on system knowledge and great design. We will help you in every step of customer engagement by offering innovative, usable and reliable solutions.

Omnicommerce Advisory & Consulting

Quality comes from understanding business logic, customer needs and technology.

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Customer Experience Design

From core systems to user interface, usability is good customer service.

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Omnicommerce Platforms & Solutions

Personalized customer engagement is a product of novel approach and world-class technology.



Order Management

Product Management

Mobile & Web Apps

Our integrated solutions respond flexibly to the needs of your customers everywhere.

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When the digital world changes you know how to react

Customers have ever higher expectations of their online shopping experience. Competition in the digital channels is getting increasingly harder. Changes come faster and faster. With our help you are ready to meet all challenges digital customer engagement might throw at you. Using efficient and elegant Solteq solutions you will offer a superior customer experience.

Offer first-class customer experiences

Customer needs have to be met on every service channel and in every sales situation. Functioning technology is the standard of user experience but beautiful design can delight.

Observe, analyze and improve

You create customer experience for your clients. But it is equally important to have metrics at your disposal in order to keep track of how your business is doing and how to improve it.

Become a visionary

Omnicommerce is too often seen through the lense of isolated problems and how to solve them. With our help you will learn to visualize the complete architecture of customer engagement and even anticipate coming trends.

Let’s create better customer experiences together

We can start today.

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