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Digital business involves much more than just IT

Successful digital business requires strategic level attention and leadership commitment, systematic development and the right people in the right roles. 

Competition in digital channels is transparent and tough: success requires business ideas and customer promises that stand out, and cost-effective operational models and metrics that lead to the right targets.

Solteq’s business consultants have best-in-class expertise and extensive experience in B2B and B2C sectors. We know what is required to build successful digital business solutions and we have first-hand experience of sales, marketing and information management in everyday commerce. Our roots are in traditional brick-and-mortar trade, as well as ecommerce, and we offer our customers the best concepts and practices from around the world.

Our typical digital business consulting briefs include:

  • Business plan analysis
  • Omnichannel strategy development
  • Omnichannel maturity analysis
  • Business transformation implementation planning
  • Digital business measurement design and implementation
  • Partnership/ecosystem concepts
  • Innovation workshops
  • Executive briefing sessions
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