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Every service has a user experience, whether planned or not

Our designers offer services from brainstorming to production. During design, we always take into account business needs and ensure you make the most out of your chosen technology – without compromising an iota on user experience.

Customer is king – as long as your business remains profitable. That’s why we offer services that take your end customers, technical environment and business indicators into consideration. We work in a multi-professional team alongside implementers, which means we are able to carry out even rapid changes to ensure the desired end result.


Design Solteq


Design features in every phase of the project. We think about what has to be done and why. We also consider optimal methods for doing so. We polish the project along the way until the end result is brilliant. We can visualise your services’ life cycle well into the future and create a great user experience one step at a time. We safeguard the growth and continuity of your business operations.



We are some of the best specialists in our industries. We have carried out a number of solutions that have proven themselves to work fantastically. With us, you can make sure that ideas are feasible right from the start. We endorse lean thinking (Build – Measure – Learn). Our process focuses on creating and measuring value. We don’t waste your time with impossibilities: we engage in teamwork with our architects and developers on a daily basis. We provide you with an estimate on the length of the investment payback period and how much profit it will continue to generate.

“UX design is quick and easy” Anyone can have an opinion about UX matters, but high-quality design requires research, cooperation and experienced specialists.

We help you find out what is worth doing, which ideas have potential to really take off and which specific idea will bag you the best business – all measured with actual indicators. We do this through interviews and by charting your company’s key personnel and real end users. If necessary, we can have market surveys carried out or make use of existing data concerning your target audience’s behaviour and habits.


Design layers Solteq
Customer experience consists of several layers that all have to be consider in the design process.


Users have equal importance with in-house matters, B-to-B services and consumer services. An organisation’s internal systems must support the best service experience for the end customer. That’s why we always take business needs, technology and user perspectives into consideration.



Once you have a clear vision, we can help you define and implement it. We help you prioritise matters into easy-to-deploy units. Each iteration takes you forward and maintains an ongoing, positive user experience. We carry out design together in workshops with plans tested and fine-tuned along the way.

“I know exactly what my target group needs and wants” Your opinion is biased, because you like your product so much that it becomes an obstacle.

Our team consists of leading technology specialists, so every requirement is viable. Thanks to our agile development, we ensure that the end result corresponds to the vision designed. We are able to quickly adapt to surprises and find ways of implementing the desired customer experience.




The world is changing at an accelerating pace. That is why a service’s success depends on its functionality over time. The best services are continuously optimised – data is used to make well-founded decisions – and you always have to be ready to learn and develop.

Through various methods of data acquisition, we can create concrete customer understanding. Analytics tell us what has happened, and we use this data to improve your service. We use market and user research to develop a completely new service, or learn to understand what motivates your customers.


Design decisions Solteq
What happens when a customer enters your service?


We can achieve a thorough understanding by using background research to link together facts data mined from analytics – guaranteeing you a permanent spot amongst the best service providers around

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