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More efficient business processes and engaging digital services for electricity, district heating and water companies.

The digitalization of the utilities industry has started – together we can create better customer engagements

We offer modern tools for online customer services, customer information management, invoicing, business process automation, process control and supervision. We are a utilities industry expert: our solutions bring added value to our customers business by utilizing high level seamless integration with other business systems.

inPulse4Utilities products include diverse solutions

Solutions for business processes

Solution for electricity sales

This solution brings tools for electricity product sales and pricing models. With our Online Services sales offer processes can be automated from offer to contract. Tools for managing the combination of sales contracts and energy delivery are included. You can also add risk management and profitability calculation functionalities to use this service as a part of our business data management and analytics solution.

Network business solutions for electricity, district heating and water

These solutions provide network business with tools to manage network connection process and seamless customer online services for network issues. Process driven automated solutions help to guide customers thru the process and keep track of the outcome.   Network business is able to offer their customers services for delivery break messaging and consumption data. These solutions utilize seamless integration with several business data systems.

Solutions for customer information management

Solutions for customer information management contain tools to manage customer related data. Easy user interface makes it easy to quickly get a complete view of a customer. Contract management tools are also included. Customer contact and customer communication modules top these solutions up to be a complete system to manage customer information management.  Seamless integration with other systems helps to automate the back end processes also. All this creates easy management on daily work.


Improved customer service
Omnichannel customer management
Customer overview on their own services
Unified customer communication
Automated services free resources
Seamless integration with other back office systems


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Customer online solutions

Customer online service makes it possible to let customers safely participate in processes 24/7 and thereby increase effectivity. Our product family has several modules to offer concrete added value by flexible customer online functionality.

Connection services

Customer online services for connection- product contains online services for connection related issues. A customer can order connection for different services (electricity, water, district heating). This product offers also a possibility to follow up the delivery process and communicate with utility.

Contract and customer communication services

Our clients use these solutions to automate their basic processes and invite their customers to be an active part on customer information management. There are ready modules for contract, automated and streamlined customer contact management, moves, extended contracts and sales campaigns.

Service interruption notices

Service interruption notices is a tool for utilities (electricity, district heating and water) to automatically send information regarding planned and unplanned delivery breaks. Messages can be sent by email, sms, web pages or by mobile applications.

Customer contact management

Customer contact management is a solution to provide a multi-channel solution for contact and feedback between our customers and their customers This solution enables reliable and fluent management for single connections as well as for mass messaging.

Extended offers and campaigns

By using extended offers and campaignsmodules you can manage sales communication, send sales offers as well as create and publish campaigns. Extended offers module with proactive and automatic customer contacting automates renewal for contracts about to end.

Consumption reporting

Consumption reporting allows end customers to follow up their own usage and consumption as graphs. They can select e.g. local temperature and price information in data loading and on graphs. This module can be used to see and report consumption of electricity, district heating and water.

Solutions for customer information management and invoicing

The basis for inWorks solutions is a process driven approach in customer information management and invoicing. The same approach is valid also in streamlining and automating own workflows with modern tools and solutions.

inWorks Heat

inWorks Heat is a modern solution with browser UI to manage customer information management and invoicing for district heating.

inWorks Water

inWorks Water is a modern solution with browser UI to manage customer information management and invoicing for water.

inWorks Power

inWorks Power is a modern solution with browser UI to manage customer information management and invoicing for electricity companies.

Customized Solutions and Services

We develop solutions for specific customer needs enabling them to develop their daily work and processes. Data systems must bring up on time information and guide the operation to minimize routine work. This will allow specialists to focus on real more demanding work and utilize ready data from different systems. We focus on solving demanding business challenges using data systems and integrations.


We have implemented invoicing integrations, sales management solutions, web pages integrated to business systems as well as business monitoring and analytics solutions.

Our customer specific solutions and services are based on Microsoft-products and BizTalk -integration platform and EPiServer content management products. We use our own products or product components as part of the solutions when applicable.

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