Continuity services ensure that your business evolves

Our services have been developed to ensure continuity to our clients by developing processes and technology.

The prerequisite of success for both our clients and us is shared strategic development

The basic principle in our operations is to guarantee continuity and enable the future. This golden rule especially applies to our services. Our goal is to guarantee the continuity of our clients’ operations, to create the best client experience, and to allow the utilization of the benefits offered by technology development.

Our support service takes care of the customer’s business-critical systems

Shared future planning ensures that suitable solutions are found to strengthen our clients’ competitive edge in stiff competition. Our service managers aim to understand the needs of our clients as well as possible and to communicate them to our expert team for solutions.

In a hectic world, it’s crucial for problems to be solved in minutes; e.g. when a cash register in a daily consumer goods store fails.

A systematic and clear operating model is required to handle support requests. Requests for support are immediately assessed, and problems solved according to their urgency and severity. Retail stores cannot operate without cash registers and payment terminals functioning correctly, so we solve faults as quickly as possible. In addition to cash registers, stores also contain servers, hand-held terminals, scale readers, receipt printers, scanners, network modems, intranet switches and base stations. We attend to these also.

Wide-range proficiency and competency a must

Customer support personnel must be skilled in a wide range of products, software, industries and agreements. All customer support personnel have ICT industry training to be able to correctly assess service requests and find a solution in the most efficient and professional way possible. If a problem either requires in-depth competency with a particular product – or is time-intensive – the ticket is forwarded directly to a specialist. Faults are forwarded directly to maintenance.

Personnel are available weekdays from 6am – 10pm, Saturdays from 7am – 11pm and Sundays from 8am – 9pm EET.

Solteq Life Cycle Support:

  • 6,000 tickets per month
  • Average response time: 30 seconds
  • 70% of tickets resolved during the first contact
  • 97% of tickets resolved within the agreed period
  • Contact can be made by telephone, email or the service portal

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Customer Support

Customer Support

Our contact phone number is +358 9 5422 5414 and our support email is

Customer Support

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