An omnichannel solution for speciality goods retailers

Solteq Tekso is a comprehensive commerce system that was developed in cooperation with our customers to be a fast, easy and secure commerce system.

More than a POS

Tekso, an authentic omnichannel solution, offers a fully integrated e-commerce component, mobile payments, financial management, reporting and much more. Far more than a mere POS system, it can be used to fulfil the basic needs of individual sales outlets or chains, from ordering goods to sales.

Omnichannel concepts and fully integrated e-commerce sites

All information is maintained in one location – either at head office or flagship store – from which it can then be sent to branch outlets. This means, for example, that product registers only have to be set up once to serve all outlets, thus saving time.

Tekso includes a seamless, integrated e-commerce solution. Whether or not you already have an e-commerce site, you can deploy Tekso on top of most common online store platforms. Tekso views an e-commerce site as a single store that is part of a chain. This ensures seamless communication of product information and stock balances between the e-commerce site and Tekso.

POS as a customer service enabler

An easy-to-use and secure POS solution, Solteq Tekso cashier and store functions support versatile and effective customer service.

Tekso POS is extremely easy to use and payment collection takes place securely and quickly. Payments can be made by cash, card – or a combination of both – or invoice, rechargeable gift card and even via mobile payment. Cashiers may also give many types of discounts before calculating total purchases.

Additional value for customers

The POS terminal conveniently displays customers’ balances and purchase history, products or even individual product variations (such as size, colour), as well as inventory status, either at the store in question or other locations. Cashiers can receive and sell exchange equipment, make product packages or provide items for fittings.

The POS system also allows users to log work hours, and provides versatile methods for receipt searches, reclamation returns, sales-order searches and payment collection.


Extremely easy to use
Real-time and up-to-date stock balances

Versatile reporting

Inventory crediting is easy and flawless

Purchasing and warehouse functions

Using Tekso, purchasing products and stock crediting take place quickly and flawlessly either using a hand-held terminal or at a Tekso workstation.

It is easy to create and print bar-coded price tags for new products in advance or when delivered to the warehouse. Goods can be effortlessly transferred from one store to another via the warehouse; deletions and different types of queries can also be performed. A warehouse log allows users to view a product’s entire balance history and its changes.

Stock-taking is fast and simple – users can do it using both the POS workstation and hand-held terminals at the same time. Stock-taking can be completed several times a year, ensuring that the entire chain always has access to up-to-date stock balances.

  • Real-time and up-to-date stock balances at warehouses and stores
  • Rapid product registration
  • Mobile stock-taking

Tekso’s versatile reporting solutions

Tekso offers extremely versatile reporting for sales, purchasing, stock and payment transactions.

You can use Tekso to report on sales in several ways. There are thousands of variations available. Once you have selected the best format, you can save it as a template for later use. In addition to normal stock reporting, you can run sales reports providing information about the sales performance of a certain batch of purchased goods.

Tekso provides immediate summary reports for bookkeeping in printed form or for direct digital export to accounting systems. Reports can be saved in Excel files and also be scheduled for printing.

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